The 2015/16 intake at SCA will be known for nothing, by @TristanAmadeus

Tristan Amadeus

By Tristan Amadeus



The 2015/16 intake at SCA will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the game changers of Adland.

And we know,

Living for money and power,

Is the way to go.

Showing chutzpah and respect

Is a moronic thing to do.

Forgetting about our values

Will not be easy, but we will.

Leaving a mark on the world

Is something we never did.

Giving up

Was how we handled our problems.

Working hard

Was a joke.

We knew that

People thought we wouldn’t beat MOSH

That might be true,


Sometimes we read things the wrong way

Have you read this bottom to top?



Like this poem, whatever negative thoughts we harbour, turn them around.


Flip them on their head, look at them differently, look at them weirdly.


Read them in more than one dimension.


Have you read the poem sideways?


Diagonally? Zig zaggedly? In 26D? In another language?


Mapped it back to it’s geometrical mother?


Read it whilst having an MRI?  Decoded it into numbers?


Have you thought about going to it’s georeferenced location?


I will see you there on that date! At that time! I will bring you said drink, underneath said constellation!




Keep looking for different perspectives, like a circle, you don’t have to keep going around and around.


There are infinite angles to look at.


You will eventually reach that destination and realise it was never a destination to begin with.


“You’re reading too much into things?”


Shut up.


The more you tell that voice to do one.


The voice that has held you back the Nobel prize up until now, the one you’re entitled to, yes you.


The stronger you get.


And my word you are strong, you are the strongest…


You’re still here aren’t you? 

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