Being stuck  – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Being stuck 

I heard about this course about two years ago now and It made me question where I was in my journey through education. After I finished college studying graphic design I was advised to look at an advertising course in Watford but I defaulted to sticking to what I was already doing. I decided to go carry on and go to university to study graphic design further for the next three years. First year was a bit of a get to know each other kind of year, second was a learn the software and get to know the industry you’re going into, third we actually started to make some work or at least some decent quality work.

There was one thing I noticed after my first year and this was that advertising kept peeping in and out of my course almost on every brief but and it made me question, was I on the right path? I knew I had an opportunity before I came here to take that route and this filled my mind with a bit of regret. Was this degree going to help me get into a workplace doing a job that would give me any kind of satisfaction. I honestly didn’t have an answer, I was in limbo and in my whole final year of university which wasn’t ideal. 

I needed to find and answer quick so approached some people and tried to organise some placements in any ad agency I could find, just so I could get a taste. Little over a week later I got a taste and it tasted great. After spending some time at an agency, I realised this was a more suited place for me to be I felt like I was able to make work that would motivate me creatively. I returned to university and instantly applied for the course and waited for my interview day. After a few weeks of antagonising suspense to my relief I was accepted. With a huge sigh of relief, I was back on track after battling my thoughts for a little over a year.

So, I was back at university studying graphic design whilst wanting to change paths and cross over into advertising. This proposed a bit of a challenge for me mentally as I felt out of place. I had to work through it, I knew the skills I had learnt would be able to benefit me in the advertising world if not more than they were at the moment. The tutors on my course were very up to date with the industry and trends, they knew that just being a graphic designer isn’t quite enough in this day and age to land you a job. They preached concepts, story’s and insights over aesthetics, this allowed me to use the rest of the course to tailor my work to a more advertising based perspective in preparation for my next journey at the SCA. I pushed through the final stage of my course and worked a lot more than I thought I could. I enjoyed feeling a bit different knowing I had a whole new chapter that was about to unfold.

I managed to complete my course with a degree in graphic design and I’m now ready to start a new journey all over again knowing I’m where I want to be. 

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