Revolting – By @DaisyBard

Daisy Bard

By Daisy Bard



My body’s rebelling. I’m ill for the second weekend in a row: last weekend it was a classic case of three-day flu and this weekend my eyes have itched and itched until they turned into small swollen red holes nesting in sorry patches of cracked skin. I look like I’ve been possessed by an evil spirit. 


Sorry about the visual aid. You didn’t need that. But, possession by spirits aside, I do need to exorcise my demons. I get sick when I don’t allow myself enough down time. We’ve been told that we’re at 10% of our total workload right now, so if that’s true and not just a scare tactic, second and third term will probably welcome impetigo. Or the bubonic plague. 

So I’ve taken the decision to cool my f😇ing beans. This scab is my only job for today. In the coming days, I will be continuing to cool my beans. Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be full of frozen beans. And delicious they will be. 

All the best, 

Me and my ‘revolting’ body 

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