Mediocrity – By @McNultyMovie


So, with PB1 complete and a weekend spent digesting feedback, its time to reflect. 

I was very pleased with the effort both my partner and I put in on this brief.  Two weeks of solid, hard work.  

Our idea came from a well-defined product truth and our execution found a clever way to play off it.

I also think we crafted a good case study video – especially considering neither of us had ever done one before. 

But, with he carpet of time lengthening since submission, I can’t help but feel – overall – our offering was mediocre.  That doesn’t sit well with me.  Afterall, who wants to be mediocre.  Not me. And, I’d wager, if anyone’s reading this, none of you want to be either.

Living inside an idea and trying to bring it to life is challenging.  You spend every waking minute thinking about it, turning it over in your mind, holding up to the light and squinting at it all in the hope that something eventually goes *click*.

When it does, it is a thrill, a marvellous, spine tingling, hair raising moment that marries both joy with excitement.  The person who can capture that feeling, distil it and sell it in cans will surely be a millionaire. 

In a frenzy, you proceed, dashing off to execute, execute, execute, work, work, work and smash the deadline.  Only then do you come up to breath, to stand back and to appreciate…mediocrity.  

The realization that hard work doesn’t guarantee great work is a given, but still disheartening. 

Mediocrity – the word leaves a nasty taste in the mouth – is the ultimate enemy.  Moving forward, I will make a greater effort to come up for air more often and to stand back more regularly.  I will take every opportunity to catch mediocrity before it catches me and my work.  And, when I do catch it creeping in, because I surely will, I will stamp it dead.  With relish.

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