Becky and Sara- the brand. By @_sarahalliday

By Sara Halliday



Becky and Sara- the brand.

Finding your brand is a really important part of the SCA, but a more important part is finding your voice. Tone of voice queen Vikki Ross introduced me to the school, so for me more than most a crucial part of the course is recognising who ‘Becky and Sara’ really are.

So, classic me, I made a list.

If any potential employers are reading this and it floats your boat, pop us a tweet @beckyandsara.

1. Embodiment of ‘work hard and be nice to people’
This is my favourite quote, and one I try to live by. I encourage everyone to do the same, hopefully it’ll make the world a better place.

2. Light with a dark side

Some could say that I fell for Becky when she said ‘People think I’m nice, but I’m actually mental’ at her comedy school set. It was priceless, and it’s probably the best description of her that anyone could come up with. Surprising is one word I’d use to describe both of us.

3. Stuff that lives outside of advertising
Flicking through our book, the ideas that sit outside traditional advertising are the ones that get me excited. Give me a game, a documentary or an orchestra made from car parts over a TV ad any day.

4. MAKING stuff
We’re both hands on people. I’m fairly sure that what got me into the SCA was telling Marc that the latest creative thing I’d done was building my cats a cat house out of cardboard boxes (complete with functioning drawbridge). Staring at a screen day in, day out, can take this away from you but Becky and I are determined to scrape it back. We’re organising an exhibition at the moment, that’s fun.

5. Making things better for people in a creative way
I like to think that we give real solutions to real problems through our work. Becky is probably less ‘SAVE THE WORLD’ than I am, but we balance each other out nicely. She reminds me to stick a brand on the poster.

6. Want to sell movements through advertising

We like a good scheme, what can I say. The power of persuasion has always got me, and if I can persuade the world to be better rather than selling bleach to it then I will. Even better if the two things are combined.

8. Just get on with it

We grumble sometimes, but a large part of our personalities is just getting on with the job at hand. We get distracted by pictures of dogs as much as the next team, but our work always gets done.

9. No bullshit

Having Becky and Sara (BS) as names led us to the branding of ‘No BS’ quite early on. We want to make work based on truth, not pseudo-truth.

10. Eager to get down and dirty

Whatever the brief, we’re in.

11. 100% nice peeps

Just ask our mums. Also, see point one. There’s no excuse not to be a nice person, and equally we’re not keen to work for dicks.

12. No ego

An inflated sense of self follows some people around like a plague, especially in such an awards-driven industry. Luckily for you, we’re not like that.

13. Human

While Becky would be a dog and Sara would be a cat, we’re actually just normal people who watch Love Island and enjoy pizza.

If you’re looking for a team that ticks the boxes above, head to team #14 on sca- – we’d love to meet you.

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