The Little Monkey – By @Mam4tt

By Mathieu Massé



The Little Monkey

So here we are…a new start begins for me as I join SCA this year.

Im excited and very stressed at the same time.

After reading the title of this SCAB you might ask yourself « wtf does this dude smoke when he wakes up this morning », well, nothing more than a 50 cent cigaret (10 £ the pack.. damn it hurts !)

First, I’m excited because I have a huge opportunity to study in London which is the best city to learn how to do a creative advertising, and I have so many stuff I want do to to improve my skills..

But I have a tiny issu .. My little monkey

Let me explain before you go back watching people playing Fortnite on twitch or whatever.

Few years ago, my teacher made a course on the issues to always start to work when the deadline is closer to you than you pants to your a**

And he called that habit « The little Monkey ».

Perfectly found if you ask me, because when your hanging up with your Motivation after it knocked at your door you are happy as fuck, you will finally finish that essay you have to sent in 2 weeks .. !

Forget about it, The little monkey has already planed how to corrupt your soul from Motivation.

Telling you his favorite mantra « it’s okay dude it’s in twwwwoooo weeks ! »

And you’ve listened you fool ! Motivation is knock down and finally two days before the deadline, Stress come by, taking the whole place, and you just wish that monkey never showed up, because all you have now is the title of your essay…and nothing else but Stress to keep you company.

Fighting this monkey will be challenging this year, but I know im not alone with this kind of issues, and Im sure you might have some pretty good advices to give me to knock out that bastard.

Anyway Im excited to meet you all and create amazing things with you guys

Best regards, see you soon.

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