See the world before you sell it 

Yes I know, like everyone I have traveled a fair bit and it’s a bit of an earache to some people to hear it as it’s the norm nowadays to do a ‘gap year’ etc. But that gap year turned into 7 years for me.

When anybody’s asks ‘what’s your story or ‘what have you done I’ve noticed a lot of people including myself always answered it from the start of their travels. I found it a bit weird, are we all trying to hide something, like the embarrassing clothes you use to wear as a teen or that stupid hairdo you had at school and is still in your arched Facebook Profile pictures. Or was it boring for people to hear about your teen years? I mean let’s be honest, we’ve all had some amazing times in our teens. 

After a while I started to see that from the day I left home was the day I started to grow up and learn about the world and what it had to offer me and also what I had to offer it. That’s why I’ve never really spoken about being a teenager and I assume it’s the same for everyone else. You grow up when you leave the nest and experience the uncertainty and the unusual.

Stories stick more than facts and figures. 

Like advertising, every ad that has worked well is sticky! And it has a strong thought and/or story behind it. That’s exactly like traveling and learning on the go, it sticks with you if you like it or not, good or bad it’s a story and experience that you can take and learn from, and somewhere down the line, you can use.

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