Brains moreover bad thoughts.

This week I have been thinking a lot about brains and negative thoughts. I think this was exacerbated by the fact myself and Fred have been drawing and discussing them at some length for this week’s brief. Our idea was playing on cereal chiller who tucks into student’s brains ridding them of their bad thoughts. Yes, I did watch Dahmer the weekend before and Fred, well in his words just likes to do something as dark as possible most the time. Every morning my thoughts sometimes bad one’s seem to manifest into my music or podcast choices for the bus ride.

Monday – I’m always a bit nervous on Monday’s as this is the day we are set our briefs and this week, we had our first one week brief. Yep, a week with one person. Which I think everyone agrees can be a bit nerve racking with thoughts like; am I going to gel creatively with this person? Are they actually going to be in, or do they have covid? What if they think, why can’t this art director draw? I’m lost in a forest all alone.

Tuesday – Ok yesterday wasn’t so bad, and the brief is pretty cool. Generated a few good ideas so feeling positive. Eventually we’ll come up with something good.

Wednesday – Yeah we landed on an idea, but why are my ad ideas so literal. Why for the first time in a long time am I wondering, AM I BEING STRAIGHT? There’s been a lot of talk from mentors this week on how we fill our brains, and if we don’t fill it up with interesting stuff that’s not advertising nothing interesting is going to come out of it. So I go back to one of my old podcasts I haven’t listened to in 6 months and remind myself my life isn’t as bad
as Connor’s.

Thursday – I’m feeling stressed, we still haven’t landed on a solid tag line and wtf is our proposition. Tom Hanks reminds me that everyone fails, and you have to have tough fucking skin to endure this. The film world sound’s all too similar to ad world and I have to switch off half episode as I’m getting triggered.

Friday – Fuck Yeah, Our proposition, name, tag line and ads are singing in sweet harmonious symphony, and I’m basking in it. Staying up late sketching ads in the living room wasn’t even a bother when you have an idea this good. I’ve had 5 hours sleep, but all good it’s Friday, my sleeping pattern is set to weekends anyways. The feeling is in the core!

Saturday – SO turns out our big idea wasn’t so big after all and none of the mentors liked our ads. Despite this, I feel really fucking good. Is this accepting failure? Another week down and I feel I’ve done more thinking than my 3 year undergrad. Just how far can my brain go? Can I think harder? Can I think for longer? And look I’m writing a Scab on a Saturday afternoon.


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