25y/o gives life advice…. I wish I were kidding… By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


25y/o gives life advice…. I wish I were kidding…


Life Coach Credentials:

2013 – Dropped out of Aircraft Engineering  

2013-2018- Partying 6 nights a week sober, spends days reading about human behaviour/Social sciences and evenings doing workshops in dance, acting, music, DJing ect…


After a 4+ years of trying new things and trying desperately to pop my introverted bubble I went from not knowing what I wanted to do to having ‘’too many’’ interests. I felt like I had to pick something and that by 25 I should have it all figured out. That I should have my sexy cool purpose driven one liner I can whip out at a party like ‘’I help sick babies become superhumans’’ or some shit.


Well I don’t, I just have a general interest in human behaviour and an urge to create/express. That’s good enough….


Good enough for me to filter opportunities and good enough for me to move forward and learn more about what turns me on. Apparently it’s also good enough for me to get into SCA. So yay me…


Side note: If you hate my non scientific, anecdotal evidence you’ll loooooove what’s coming up in my meaning of life SCAB 😉


I feel that to find our purpose (if there even is such a thing) we must treat life like an experiment. Taking the time to try new things and then reflect on the results. Ive made mistakes in both aspects.


For example I’ve moved forward recklessly without time to reflect on the bigger picture. Equally I’ve reflected to the point of madness, creating my own personal limbo.


I’ve come to realise that the past is too deep an ocean to ever fully comprehend and the future is too questionable a mirage to fully grasp.  


It is therefore imperative to learn when its right to reflect and when to move forwards with new lessons and wisdom despite uncertainty. Otherwise we risk trapping ourselves in limbo (and by limbo I mean sitting indoors doing nothing but sleep until mid day, eating, getting fat and watching ted talks about purpose for 6 months).


So I distilled my lessons into a few practical steps so you can conquer the world like I ha… like I will, without getting trapped in limbo. Don’t go to limbo, It sucks, seriously…


6 Steps to ‘’Living your best life’’


  1. Just try new shit

-Start with anything of interest. Or just bandwagon on your friends interests until you find one that clicks.


  1. Don’t be a fucking leaf in the wind bruh…

Ask yourself why you like what you tried, or why you didn’t. Then keep asking why. Form your own damn opinion. Or at the very least steal them from people you admire like I do 😛


  1. Review your past experience

-See how they shaped you into the person you are today. That time I was bullied could explain several of my habits and behaviours today but there could be multiple interpretations or effects.


  1. Start noticing the patterns, ask more questions go deeper.

-Ask why 5 times. Go deeper and find what really motivates how you behave/who you are today.

-When you look back (or forward) and keep asking why you’ll start to see patterns in your responses. These patterns are probably things you should pay attention to, they are likely areas of natural interest and motivation.



-This is an important one. You can review your past all day but at a certain point you have enough info to move forward with your life. You might not have the exact 1 thing your going to do fooooorever and ever and ever but you don’t need to. Don’t waste your time, move forward keep experimenting.


  1. Repeat Infinitum


  1. Die Empty – Good book that is…


And remember:


We must live our lives.

We must learn from our lives.

Then we must live with our lessons beside us.

It is our individual lesson and interests that point us to our contribution.

Only as individuals can we be happy, productive and useful to humanity as a whole.




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