White dinosaurs. @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale

Tuesday 17th of October:

So far, I’m having a shit day.

I’ve been tired, hungry and unfocused.

I’ve tried to get work done but I ended up filling none of my tasks, and I’ve ended the day way outside my comfort zone at comedy school.

I’m drained and tired all I need is a good night’s sleep.

But when I come back home and sit down to check my social media platforms, I just lose it.

First reason: #metoo.

I wish I had the energy to count how many of my 639 Facebook friends shared this, to paint you a picture, but you’ll have to take my word for it.

Way too many of them.

I had no idea this happened to so many of them until they published testimonials with #metoo.

And some people I know who have had similar stories kept it to themselves.

Which means some we have no idea this happened to, might have kept silent on it.

Which means, we still have no idea.

It just broke my heart.

We had to wait for a Hollywood fat pig to be named and shamed for everyone else to finally be heard. We’ve reached a point where women have to share a hashtag for people to hear and believe them. Is this a joke?

Second reason: white dinosaurs and their ego.

There’s a thing I love about SCA.

It’s that whatever your background, wherever you come from, whatever your gender, faith or sexual preferences, you’re family.

The school is full of extremely talented creatives.

The school is built on diversity.

So today, when I saw a screenshot of a comment made by a CCO from one of the big London agencies, I got pissed off.


I’m trying to get myself a job in an industry originally built by white men, maintained by white men and donated to white men. 

You are as much allowed to think the Mad Men era is now from the past as I am allowed to nicely laugh at your ignorance/naivety.

You see, I’m a white young woman and I’ve never been more excited about our industry than today.

I love the fact that campaigns can live within different mediums than the ones we all know. 

I love how technology adds up to an idea.

I love the fact that some campaigns use the budget they have to do a little good within such a shitty world.

I love the fact that the agencies I want to end up working at, acknowledged their lack of diversity and are now looking for diverse talents.

I love that in these agencies, everyone has different skills and everyone shares them.

I love the fact that everyone embodies their own culture.

I love the fact that most of these agencies are run by men and women.

And you know what I love the most? The fact that the people who run these agencies are interested in their juniors. 

They fund/invest in them to help make ideas happen.

Do you do that?

If so, how the fuck can you claim boredom?

You’re bored of diversity? Scoop: diversity’s bored of you.

And if you’re so bored of this industry, I know a few people who’d love to take your job.

Fun fact: they’d be better at it. 

Second fun fact: they’re juniors.

You’re bored of an industry built by white men. 

But you’re one of them.

When I was a child I got sad when I learned dinosaurs were dead.

But you know what? I can’t wait for your lot to go extinct. 

I’m so glad you’re bored of your job. Because we’re coming for it.

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