Organised Mess – By @marleygam

By Marley Muirhead


Organised Mess


The summer assignments are almost done. Kinda. If I’m honest I can have quite bad self-awareness with these things. August has fully slipped through my fingers despite my best efforts to get everything sorted for the start of term. Currently, I’m at that peak-messy stage just before all the loose ends get tied up. It’s that organised chaos of molehilled clothes,books and general that both literally and emotionally barricading you halfway through that annual “proper tidy” of your room. The storm before the calm, if you will. Lighter fluid and a match have never been so enticing. But, buried beneath the winter jumpers and childhood scooby-doos, lies the fact that it’s literally two hours of elbow grease before it’s all done. So let me be more self-assured.

My ‘This is Me’ project is on it’s way and I’m happy with how it’s going. This is the second blog we have to do and I’m planning on writing the other one a couple days before the first day of term. I think it’ll be cool to look back on, even just after the first week comes to a close. I even bought Adobe Creative Cloud earlier this week. Funnily enough, one of my resolutions this year was to start investing in myself by actually paying for stuff. I don’t steal things – and if I did, I’d be seasoned enough not to announce that on a blog post. But I would always try and find the cheapest option irrespective of how inconvenient it was. For example, signing up to Spotify Premium last month was a very big deal for me. Music is something I’ve forged friendships over but it was still not something I was willing to pay for. I’d find super obscure apps, try and download MP3s online still. I’d even wait for YouTube videos to load outside of a tube station so I could have three minutes of music whilst I was underground.

No tube journey is three minutes. Yet the cheap chick in me felt like a million pounds for having found that loophole. I had break this habit and accept that spending money was not only a good thing, but okay. Adobe Creative Suite is an extension of that. Choosing to embark on SCA’s course was a really big lesson in that learning curve. It still feels a bit foreign to invest in myself financially. I still hate spending money unnecessarily, but I guess what I’m doing is reconfiguring my perception of necessity. The reason I made this resolution was so that my financial decisions were fuelled by what would actually be useful to me rather than what would be cheap. Yeah, the flipside of not paying for Spotify Premium is consistently buying shoes that blatantly fit poorly because they’re only £3. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt half-price. However, this resolution has helped me begin a less cluttered and more self-driven lifestyle. If nothing else, it’s certainly made cleaning my room a hell of a lot easier.


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