How’s this week been? By @JacobDeFig

By Jacob de Figueiredo


How’s this week been? 

Hey gang,

Intense one.

If i’m being honest this week has been pretty intense and strenuous on the old brain box, the pressure and the tortious routine i play out over and over in my mind in the form of a barrage of self reflecting questions is something my body isn’t used to. Stuff like, am I actually going to get a job? Am I going to find a partner? Am I going to make something incredible? Is there going to be a time where I’m digging deep and pulling great ideas from the depths of my heart, through my arms and out of my sharpie onto a blank sheet of paper to provoke an emotional response seems infinitely far away. But the end of school is getting close, I mean reaaaaaaalllly close indeed. The weeks are literally shooting past me like nothing I’ve ever experienced before, it’s crazy it feels like yesterday I was standing in a circle in sunny brixton desperately trying to remember people’s names whilst making small talk and pulling fabricated objects out of a box during an improv class. 

You really do get in our own head on this course, proper deep and that. Entering unknown territories and hoping you’ll come back from them a stronger person than when you entered. But when I reflect on my journey, I realise that I look at the world through a completely different set of eyes. Ones that see the beauty and intricacy of human life and ones that question everything, sponging and absorbing any nuggets of inspiration that try and help my understand why anyone does anything in this world. 

Deep stuff, but I couldn’t be more grateful to be taught to view the world that way. 

But, all this deep thought and introspective learnings was completely turned on its head today during our easter party. You spend days, beating yourself up, challenging yourself with a clear end barely in sight and almost completely detach yourself from what it is you’re actually trying to achieve. Getting a job. 

Maybe it’s just me, but talking to people who are where I want to be is the most incredibly refreshing and inspiring thing I’ve done for a while and is exactly what I needed. Some of the kindest most inspiring people I’ve every spoken to, who are all ferociously unique and aren’t afraid to express that. Chats with them has made it so clear how important it is to bring yourself into every aspect of anything you do. Don’t stay in your head, let it all out. Show people what makes you, you and let that take you as far as you were born to go. 

So don’t worry friends, you’re all incredibly unique and inspiring in your own right and it’s a genuine pleasure to come in everyday and learn and grow together.

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