Respect @leavaude

By Léa Vaudé

If this scab had fallen another day I would probably have written about the people I respect and why.

I will say that I have great respect for my grandparents, who are an example of a successful life for me.

But since I’ve been living in London with a hellish landlady, I’ve been trying to respect her maniacal rules, and hoping not to get WhatsApp message because apparently, I left a hair in the bathroom sink, and instead of passing a waterspout she prefers to send me a message with plenty of exclamation point informing me that I should be careful. Same thing for a few crumbs left on the worktop in the kitchen. And much more.

I keep my cool, I’ve already tried to set up the dialogue to explain to her that we are human and not perfect every day, as her sometimes (all the time) leaves her dishes mouldy in the sink, and I also remind her that I had already had to buy the dishes because she didn’t supply them. But she was offended and said that she does what she wants in her home, that I was rude to say that, and that it was normal not to provide the dishes.

I quickly realized that it was no use talking to that kind of person. I remained polite even if she wasn’t, and she didn’t know any rules of decency. You see the character. But I don’t have much choice because I don’t want to end up on the street, and I can’t consider moving because we can’t find an apartment to rent for a month and a half.

We limit the exchanges between us, and we talk most of the time only on rent payment day, or when I ask her not to put all my dishes still wet in my closet.

It’s a good thing my boyfriend lives with me and I don’t live alone with this monster.

Last week she even came knocking on the door of our room, while I was on the phone, I didn’t answer the first time, she came back a second time and I opened the door and said “what ?” showing that she had bothered me and here is the drama. She explodes screaming that we don’t talk to people in this way, I ask her then what is her problem, and there were literally 2 little hairs in the sink. I spare you the sequel where she starts to tickle, call her friends screaming on the phones how rude I am, and my boyfriend comes out saying she’s a maniac and that there’s no reason to have a crisis, which only makes the situation worse.

It’s really hard to respect a person for whom I have a deep aversion. To respect a person who does not respect us.

Sometimes I think of revenge, but I find it so disrespectful that I couldn’t do it. I still think I’ll go to the police if she doesn’t want to give my deposit back and tell them that her husband is dealing drugs (true fact) and that she smokes weed next to her baby about every night. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that she had a two-year-old boy and she spends all her time yelling at him.

Fortunately, our room is opposite of her, we have a nice view, and I’m next to the SCA. I know it’s temporary, so I’m taking it easy even if it gets heavy sometimes and I try to respect what my landlord says to avoid conflict and try to have peace.


PS: I don’t think you will publish this SCAB, but if you want to publish it, don’t please!

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