I hated MOSH too

Edwina Khayat






By @EdwinaKhayat


It sounds like moche.

Ugly, in French.

On Friday afternoon MOSH sat through the best reflection session of the year so far.

Over a couple of bottles of chilli vodka, we witnessed the baring of emotions, vulnerability, insight, optimism, and endearing madness.

Our friends stood in front of us all (as if that wasn’t difficult enough) and told us truths about themselves with brutal honesty.

I almost teared up a couple of times, but when the tears came out it was from laughing too hard.

A lot of us are going through tough times. But the fact that at least some have managed to voice that in front of everyone shows how much of a family MOSH is. How safe a place we consider SCA to be. How well-accompanied on this journey we are.

How we’re all going to be just fine.

We said goodbye to Georgia. Soon we’ll be wishing Chantelle luck.

Some families suck at letting their people go when it is time for them to leave.

But we know that they are on to greater things. Maybe to M their own OSH.

And Honor is already working her way into our hearts. I’m sure she’ll fit (right in).

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