SCAB numero uno here we bloody go! – By @EdzaiSoper

SCAB numero uno here we bloody go! 

“Never have I been so excited for summer to end and term to start.” is a phrase I’ve been busted saying once or twice in recent times. Whether this is down to the stagnation of lockdown life or the 36 degree belter of a day I am currently writing this in frying my brain, I am not sure, but for those who know me that is a very unlike me thing to say. Perhaps it also has something to do with being accepted into the most illustrious advertising school ‘in the world’. Either way, bring on the education and all the glory and misery that comes with it. 

I heard about the SCA from my friend Alfie who was a student there a few years back. After a short conversation it was obvious he was involved in something special. Improv one day, painting the next. The best minds in the advertising game coming in to inundate you with the knowledge to make it. A dean who will make you cry from utter joy and despair in the same day. Oh yeah, and its based in an old church 10 minutes from my house. What kind of playground was this?! 

It sounded too good to be true and I was slightly suspect at how well it was sold to me considering Alf had just spent a year being schooled in the art of the sell. Anyhow, I dug a little deeper and found most of what he said to be true. Hozzaaa, perhaps this will be the way to finally get my parents off my back? 

Skip to today and I have been accepted into this mysterious school. So far prep for the SCA is in its early stages. During my telephone interview back in December, Mark described me as somebody living his life with his foot hard down on the accelerator but his hands off the steering wheel. Quite possibly an accurate metaphor, who knows. As a kind of comeback to this an attempt is being made to get this car firmly back on the road heading straight for adland. I have given myself a strict routine to follow in the weeks leading up to October 6th which goes as follows: 

9am – Wake up

10am – One hour of exercise (various) 

12pm – To the pub to work aka chip away at the ten tasks set by Marc for the start of term one. Turns out the pub is where I work best; tucked away in a corner with my laptop, a constant stream of coffee and a jug of water (stay hydrated kids). 

5pm/6pm – Onto the beers (this time has been creeping forward). The work continues but in more of a reflective way that only pints can offer. Do this for about an hour or two. Mates and other pub goers are welcome to give “feedback”. 

Then the days graft is done. Pheewww. Repeat Monday to Friday until October and hope and pray that my metaphorical VW Golf is driving straight by then. 

The real goal of all this is to alleviate some of the premature imposter syndrome that has already made its way into my head. Though I take huge confidence from the fact that I was accepted into the school, its hard to ignore my lack of a creative background and arguably unproductive existence for the past year being a potential weakness lined up next to the creative beasts that make it into the SCA. That said, one of my greatest strengths is my optimism and I have faith in the system described above to get me, at least part of the way, to where I need to be, come to start of term. 

Keep you posted on progress…

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