Hello Everyone! by @Laura_Amelia_

Laura Magee

By Laura Magee – From the 2015/16 Intake


Hello Everyone!



With this being my first SCAB I thought now would probably be the best opportunity to introduce myself. Hey, I’m Laura and I’m really looking forward to start and meet everyone!


Recently I had to do something I never thought I’d have to do. I turned my university place down. I left it for a while as it was quite comforting having an alternative option in the background despite knowing I would never turn the opportunity to study at SCA down. However, when I came to do it, I had a strange ‘Are you sure about this?’ feeling. The prospect of three years all planned out felt like a much safer option. After a quick chat with my friends I soon snapped back.


Reading wise, I’m about half way through the list and so far so good! They all seem really interesting in different ways so I have been able to read them leisurely, which I’m enjoying and I have found making notes as I go along really helpful. Also coming home to a new book each day in the post was a really lovely and slightly addictive experience.


– Incase anyone else was having trouble getting their hands on a cheap copy of ‘How to do Better Creative Work’ by Steve Harrison, I found that the best way to do it was to buy the Kindle Edition (with thanks to Dan) so it was only around £8 and you can download the Kindle app for free on your phone.


Over the course of these past weeks, my scholarship ideas have changed quite a lot and now my initial ideas seem pretty bad in comparison – I’m leaving them for the ‘ideas to recycle’ pile.


The only negative I have experienced so far, is my relationship with After Effects. I have to admit, it’s not looking the strongest, but thanks to YouTube I’m sure I’ll be ready come September. (Cue the ‘This Girl Can’ ad.)


In the mean time, finding cutlery and plates in the sale have become the highlight of my day- I’ve never moved out of home before, so these things are all new to me. I’m currently on the look out for a cool looking shopping trolley like what old grannies have. But while the hunt continues I hope everyone has a great summer!



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