Hallo uit Nederland!

My Dutch is only at its premises, but I suppose I said, “Hello from the Netherlands!”. This country is a nugget in advertising. So, after investigating, digging, and learning Thai to show you the best recent ads from Thailand, here are the ones from the Netherlands, worth stopping by. Genieten! (Enjoy!)

  • The drop store 

If you’re a tiny bit like me, you already imagined how the supermarket of the future will look like, with only bugs and worms in the meat alley, and cryogenic fruits the size of a pin.

Well, Wopke Hoekstra, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has taken a step further by making these thoughts concrete. When a water sample costs more than a sofa in the future, you can start saving money for it right now. This campaign was created for the United Nations 2023 Water Conference, to sensibilize about… well, the future of water and its impact on the food industry.

Here’s the website: 

I love how the copy is sarcastic and serious at the same time!

Agency: Publicis 

  • More talking, less action, or less talking, more action? 

This is the question that the designer Maarten Baas had in mind when Denim brand G-Star RAW came to see him. This brand of sustainable jeans asked him to create a piece of art symbolizing what they do in the company. With the help of the creative agency the Family Amsterdam, Maarten Baas has carried this project to the 2023 Milan Design Week.

  • It’s the size that counts, right? 

A huge debate for everybody, a certainty for KNAAP. From their old model to the new one, there’s only one difference: the size. And that’s the only thing to talk about. 

Agency: Lemon Scented Tea

  • 2 minutes to remember 

Every year the world pauses for 2 minutes. 2 minutes, to remember the victims and the soldiers of World War II. But how do we transcend generations and make these 2 minutes immortal? Nationaal Comité 4&5 Mei and Publicis Groupe Benelux brought an answer together.

  • How to reveal the full picture 

From my little advertising experience, I find it really hard to advertise the health sector. You have to work on the hard truth that diseases and accidents can happen to anybody, and make it creative. However, Philips and Omnicom found the insight that led them to an impactful work. 

  • Players of the earthquakes

If you go to the Dutch province of Groningen, be prepared for occasional earthquakes. Every year, the damages caused by this natural disaster kill people. To raise awareness about this issue, the club FC Groningen wore a special kit during the cup game. All black, with rips and seismological signs of an earthquake.

Agency: Leith

  • Ethical hacking to talk about unethical hacking

How easy is it to be hacked? People in the Netherlands can attest to that now. When one good morning during the holidays, their printers start to print Christmas cards without asking to do so…


For: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

  • What happened in the office at night, when nobody is around… or almost nobody? 

Heineken found a quirky way to say: “You’re not wanted in the office at night. Go see your friends and enjoy your life after work!”. And because I like horror movies and this advertising reminds me of my current time at the SCA, well, I put it as the last piece of advertising I want to show you.

Genieten ☺ 

Agency: LePub

Hope you enjoyed a little travel outside of the UK advertising land.





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