What is your promise for the rest of the year? by @moshSCA2


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


What is your promise for the rest of the year?


Nathan: I promise that I will do my best. To do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people, and to keep the Scout Law.


Annie: I promise to continue to causing mischief, make people laugh, shock and scare them =]


Nick: Make ideas real.

Mojo:  I promise to get all my ideas out and get feedback on them.


Frazer: I promise to keep doing that thing

Ben: I promise to have a life outside of advertising


James:  I promise to make Ian proud


Edwina:  I promise to get over my commitment issues towards briefs, ideas, and partners


Ashley:  I promise to keep the yellow bikini handy at all times


Soren:  I promise to put more fun in my work.

Adam: I promise to plant some trees to make up for the amount of paper I’ve used this year

Teddy:  i promise to do well


Michael: I promise to not over think briefs and just simply do more work.


Rob: I promise to have more fun on briefs, collect more dots and generally stir things up a bit more.

Also I swear to appreciate my fellow Moshers more whilst we’re still together: httpv://


Ed: I promise to behave from here on. LOL JK


JT: I promise to eat more and fatten up a bit before next winter


Tom EB: I promise to sort out my hygiene (no, not the smelly feet kind). To plan more, collect more dots, follow processes and EXERCISE.


Clarissa: I promise to always finish work.


Jacqui: I promise to stop procrastinating.


Fiona: I promise to always be brave and never afraid.


Pugh: I promise to move onwards and upwards. En avant!


Georgia:  I promise to avoid vanilla work wherever possible


Joel: I promise to sleep with my portfolio. Not sexually though.


Lucy: I promise to make my book original.


Eytan: I promise to bake more. ‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ spelled backwards.


Alex M: I promise to say ‘mornings’ to everyone whenever I visit an agency.


Jezza: I promise 2 things; make more stuff and enjoy making them, whatever it is.


Nina: I promise to collect a dot every week.


Lawrence: I promise to never make empty promises


Stephen: I promise to use 6-hat thinking on every brief we work on.
Tom M: I promise to find time to be content


Dounia: I promise to manage my time and be more productive


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