Frubes, Cheese-strings & Failure – By @Joebee731

By Joe Colquhoun


Frubes, Cheese-strings & Failure


The amount of times I’ve had my friends give me shit for saying ‘half-term’ over the last week is impressively high.

“Ohhh you gonna have to take your lunchbox into school again, don’t forget your Frubes and Cheese-strings, you little baby.”

That’s definitely not word for word, by the way, my friends aren’t complete assholes, but you get the point. The idea of school to them is a distant memory. Homework in the evening, deadlines on Friday and being overly protective of your pencil case. For us at SCA, it’s still a living reality.

We all know it’s hard to explain exactly what SCA is. It’s not Uni because you’re actually expected to do work. It’s not school because you don’t want to skip it every day. And it’s certainly not a job, cause where’s all my fucking money?

It’s somewhere in-between, in its own creative purgatory. It’s serious, stressful and more than you can handle. But at the same time it’s warm (could you turn the fan off Marcia?), welcoming and so unashamedly weird.

It’s the time where we get to test the boundaries and inevitably fail in the process. Something the advertising world may not be so forgiving of, especially when real clients with real money are on the… real line. There’s nothing quite like turning a cheeky Nando’s brief into a misogynistic sex-driven nightmare in the relative safety of St Matthews church. Only God was watching lads and he’s got more important stuff on anyway.

It’s these failures or ‘happy accidents’ that I think have been the most useful to me.

Just the other day I created a website for a list of SMP’s that I’d been working on. I wanted Marc’s advice on which three seemed most interesting to him. Honestly, I doubt he even got passed the second one. What seemed like a nice way to present my work had backfired on me. I’d designed a website on my laptop. Marc visited my website on his phone. You can see where this is going.

I’m gonna just copy the message Marc sent to me;

“If the majority of people visiting your website are on mobile devices, and if your job is to create communication that is easy to understand and respond to, then is it right to present them in a way that seems nice,  or rather in a way that feels nice?”

Shit. Good point. In other words, I can’t use this website, it’s not made for my phone. I don’t like the way it feels so now I’m going to stop doing this, and do anything else. I’d inadvertently done something that I myself loathe, I’d created a shitty UX. No matter how interesting my content may or may not have been, it was never going to be viewed anyway.

The way that users interact and engage with our work is arguably as important as the work itself.

Always bare UX in mind, make it so natural they don’t notice a thing. So I’ve started again, this time it’s going to look nice and feel even better, just for you and your phone.

See you all very soon, I’ll bring Frubes for all xxx



The copy scores 74.4 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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