Bye F*****S – By @saphire_rose

By Saphire Favell

Bye F*****S


And so we’ve come to the end. In a blink. A flash. A teardrop. 

Goodbye all. Goodbye my friends. Farewell. 

What a tremendous year it’s been.


We made it. 


A trillion zillion hours of hard graft. Sore backs. Bulging bellies. Pulsating heads.


But we made it. 


We drowned through the winter. 

Swam through the dark mornings.

Pricked up ears in the stifling cold. 


But we made it.


All the way back to monkeys on our shoulders. Questionable self portraits. Smashed mugs.

And late morning dances. 


We welcomed the coffee machine. And fought over the microwave. Gobbled pizza. And downed pints. 


We saluted the morning crack dwellers. And curtsied to the gargoyles. 

Eyes closed. Momentary peace. Found on those stale sofas.


Like play dough. We’ve moulded into 10,000 versions. 


We made it.


We snogged and kissed. And kicked and hissed.


But still… we made it. 


So to those who will be calling the church home next year…. 


Make it.  Because it will make you.


  • Be on time. 
  • Never miss a Monday. 
  • Ask for help. 
  • Drink coffee. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Don’t be cliquee.
  • Invite everyone. Or no one to your parties. 
  • Don’t be a dick. It’s lame.
  • There is always someone better than you. 
  • Bare your teeth. 
  • Don’t shag around.
  • Carry a notebook everywhere. 
  • Don’t wear headphones. 
  • Sleep early. 
  • Call your grandma. 
  • Quit smoking before you start. 
  • Mix up your seating arrangement. 
  • Be kind. 
  • No really… Be kind.
  • Make noise. 
  • Lots of it. 
  • Get a twitter account asap. 
  • Follow all the top creatives and agencies. Now. 
  • Start writing. 
  • Start reading. 
  • Start visiting galleries. 
  • Hoard everything. 
  • Design a new typeface. 
  • Learn adobe before the course starts. 
  • Draw. Lots. 
  • Side hustle.
  • Keep note of human insights.


Some helpful websites:


And so that is all I have time for.


And so I must say thanks. To all. To everyone. To each and everyone of you. 


To Mike. To Rob. To Alex T. To Dusty. To Chris. To Pete. TO Dee. To Liz. To Ian. To Cazz. To Max. To Marcia. To Amy. To Squirrel. And to everyone else that walked through those doors to give us a slice of cherry pie.


And to the rest of my lovely cohort. Thank you and goodbye too.


Stars born. Meteors ablaze.


We made it.


But most of all. I have to say thank you to Mr Marc Lewis. Thank you for literally everything. For the wisdom. Support. Kindness. Insults. Laughter. And fuck you’s. 


The biggest cunt of the year. 


Thank you for being you.


Thank you for the best year of my life so far. 


Ta ra. Ta ra. Ta ra. 


Ta ra. For now. x

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