The final push – By @ggflrs

By Gémina Gil Flores


The final push

Here we are. Last half term. Ever. 

How does it feel? Absolutely terrifying and exciting at the same time. Let’s be honest, SCA is a difficult course physically and emotionally, so I can’t wait to be over with it. But it’s a comfy place, where failure is accepted and where no one judge you - so it’s scary to leave an environment like that for the cold big offices of an agency. A big step for baby creative. 

But before that, we still have almost 2 months for “the final push”. Elevate, iterate, craft, polish, tight everything. Every single detail has to be perfect. From the idea to the strategy to the lines to the executions to the channels to every single pixel of the art direction. And everything has to be unique and unexpected as well. Never seen before, interesting, tapping into culture and human truth. Is this level of quality that we reach at SCA. Good is not good enough. Good is the enemy of great. I presume I’ve got a good portfolio, but still have to turn it into a great one. 

Which means that there is a lot of work still, to get into cream and into an agency. And I’m highly motivated cause it’s now or never. I feel that I’ve got everything I need on my backpack so it’s all gonna be about working hard and hard pushing. 6 new ideas in a week? 6 new ideas every week. 3 posters to craft? 30 layouts printed out. 1 crit a week? 3 crit a week. Wake up at 8? Wake up at 7. Sorry mom, I’ll call you back later. 

So yeah, I feel ready and motivated for the final push. I’m taking a weekend off before, just because I need to have a break to really feel the transition between the two halves of the term, and to get some energy and inspiration back. It’s 6:30 in the morning and I’m going to the seaside in an hour! First time I see the English coast - is it gonna be like Cannes? 

(I know it won’t, but they don’t have fish & chips in Cannes so I should be alright). 

GO ON! We’re almost done. 



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