A Trip for £5 by @JezzaFonteneau

Jérémy Fonteneau

By Jeremy Fonteneau



A trip for £5

How far would you go if you had £5?

Kind of a pitch for a tv show isn’t it? It’s not. In fact, it’s something I felt a few month ago when Marc put a £5 note on the wall betting on the one who will get a job first. I know a lot of people are saying that the advertising industry is full of sharks only looking for money. Let me prove them wrong.

– If you really want to win £5, then you are fucked. We are working with passion for new frontiers. We don’t let money affect that because money is not a reason, just a result if you’re good enough.

– If you don’t want to win 5£, you are also fucked. It’s not about getting the money, it’s about being the one who gets it first. Then you can still put it back on the wall for the next bet if you want. Be a player and a good one.

– Don’t take money for a big thing. Money will never get you on top. Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire because he was looking for money? An idea worth billions is so much more interesting than billions…

–  Do you really think a £5 note justifies 18h of work a day? Only an idiot would work for that. Because it’s not about money, in fact, it’s not even about work. It’s about knowing how far you can go with to it. How far £5 can get you.

Now this is just an example of the many catches we have in SCA.
On my part, I never been so far deep in my brain and I didn’t know you could lose yourself in it. Most importantly, I didn’t know that the world was bigger in the back of my head than in front of my eyes. It confirms the quote « The limits are the ones that belong in our brains. ».

Now, if you still think advertising is driven by money, then I look you at this idea, and this one, and this one

And if you are still not convinced, then go back to your £5 that will take you to the next step.

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