Packing Bags, by @blazeni23

Blaz Verhnjak

By Blaz Verhnjak



Packing Bags

I am finally in London, exhausted and sick before we even started. For last few days all I wished for was getting on the plane and leave. I am familiar with stressful situations and deadline pressure for school/work projects, but pressure I felt last 15 days was something new for me and it nearly killed me! 

My final decision about SCA landed on 15th of August in Italy, which means  I had 15 days for preparations after I came home. All of the paperworks, insurance, finding place to stay, finalising thesis and moving out of two apartments took a lot of time and were’t finished until day before the flight. Not forget to mention finalising all of the projects at two different agencies and some freelance ones, negotiating with clients and work on staying in good relationships with them. 

And off course I had to see and enjoy with my family and friends. I am happy to have lots of good friends and be present in many groups (former co-workers, ex-classmates, camp buddies, etc.) it represented problem of transit (since friend are spread all over the country) accompanied by lack of time. After they heard the news about me leaving to London all of them, even old friends I haven’t heard for years and some acquaintances wanted to see me. For first days I felt pressure of organising time so I can see and drink coffee with all of them. But after talk with real friends I noticed that this doesn’t make me happy and that maybe it is time for me to stop cutting my whole time into pieces and clear my “social baggage”. 

After that I tried my best to spend time with people that really matter to me, which would be some close friends and family. I filtered with whom I would like to meet in last days and spent a lot of quality time with friends (most of them gave me Lego Minifigures which is good (: ) and family. 

But I still went out of time and started packing literally 2 hours before I left for the Airport. And as I was thinking what to stuff into the bag it crossed my mind: if I pack the bag until I can hardly zip it, there is nothing I can stuff in for my way home! 

I did packed my bag so I couldn’t zip it for the first time but I tried to left some things of the “social baggage” back home. 

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