It’s…like Candy….Candy dah da da dah da – By @shepherd_sc

It’s…like Candy….Candy dah da da dah da

So, guys here we are again. Boy a lot has happened since we last spoke. Remember how I was talking about cuisines and how I had to taste so many more? Well I’ve been tasting and I’m gaining weight and I’m happy for it because it means I have energy. Before I get to all that. First things first…remember all that anxiety and mad panic I had, and all that crying I was doing? Still crying not that many tears, just so you know. Yeah well, it’s still here but it’s different; it feels different, even smells different. I feel anxious but I’m not scared. The sentence doesn’t make sense, but it does. I think what I am saying is, I am no longer afraid to do something different or learn something. I struggled with the software, I mainly do rudimental designs but now the fact that I can even do rudimental designs means I learned something, and I can only keep improving. I can tackle instead of never tackling at all. Ok shepherd you have grown partly in places you need to grow…kudos now what? Ok brain I am now getting to the exciting part…the cuisines. 

Ok well before that I want to say advertising is freaking awesome! Advertising is freedom of expression. You are letting your mind run rampant but in a good way. My brand personality is about chaos, because chaos is where possibilities are its where free will is. Anything goes. I am in college, I am a student, and I feel like myself in school of all places. 

Now the cuisines… one that has stood out for me recently is Scamps week. Scamps? I hear you ask. It is a technique of expressing your ideas and concepts quickly by drawing…note to self-get better at drawing…get more pencils, colouring pencils, a black turtleneck with a red beret and develop a wine addiction. Anyway, it’s extremely useful when you aren’t that good with using the software…another note to self, get better at software or figure how to download knowledge into your brain like in the matrix. Anyway the best part about this is that you can let your mind run wild, any idea is a good idea it just depends on how you look at it…different perspectives are your best friend. I mean we did this exercise were you have to create an AD involving elderly people doing extreme sports the ideas people were coming up with…I’m happy my career is going to be filled with laughter. Anyway, here is a scamp that I did and no, do not laugh at my drawing skills, they’ll get better I promise…note to self again, become Leonardo Da Vinci. 

Also, we started studying Straplines. These are that cool catchy line that just resonates with a brand; Nike’s ‘Just do it’ is an example. Now the biggest take from me about this is that I always thought I had to do the most; it must rhyme, has to be puny and with dramatic flair. HA, boy I was wrong and I’m glad about that it taught me you don’t have to do the most (try too hard) because that could actually end up ruining something good. You can say more by saying less. Now I have to sign off the week I’m in is tough especially when things aren’t going your way tell you about it next time. PEACE.

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