When do you get off? by @FrazerPrice







By Frazer Price


When I was back for the Christmas holidays I was quizzed about my beard length, my choice of cowboy hat and car air-freshener but more notable my time at SCA. In particular, the times I am expected to come in.


“9-6”, I’d say.


But In my head I always thought after saying it that its not 9-6. It’s all the time. I don’t turn off at 6.


You never know when the idea is going to happen. You can’t push for it but you can’t be removed from it. You can look for it, but not too hard.


But the chances are that during regular idea time in the normal world of 9-6 nothing happens at all. It mostly happens when your cleaning icecream off your microphone or re-grouting your shower tiles with toothpaste.


Fear not friends, that is, after all, why the waterproof notepad exists.


When the demands of being a creative sometimes flitter around the main theme of ‘we need big idea, we need big idea now’ to being billed by the hour but coming up with the idea in minutes. It all builds around the same end – constant uncertainty.


Do I like this? No. Yes. No. Yes.


It’s the excitement of an unmapped day full of peaks and troughs that gets me up in the morning but also makes me fear being found out as the worst creative ever.


This has been a long mumbling bumbling tumbling rant..umbling, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that if Craig David’s ‘Seven Days’ was the creative process. He can’t expect to take the idea out for a drink on Tuesday.


He should be more flexible with his plans and embrace spontaneity – because perhaps he was making love with the wrong idea on Wednesday and jumped too quickly to executions.


Ah I’m talking too much about Craig David again. This SCAB is completely inconclusive.


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