BRITTAN – By Twyla Liden

By Twyla Liden



Up early in the morning.
8 missed calls from my lovely landlord who lost his keys partying until 7 in the morning. Packed my stuff and a chocolate bar.
We were off.
To the sea the ocean, something we’ve both missed dearly.
I fell asleep on her shoulder for the last part of the train ride.
The sun was blazing and I was wearing my shiny green trousers with my woolly knit sweater. I was sweating buckets.
First things first, down to the ocean.
Touched the water.
Ducking cold.
On to the vegetarian buffet.



Rolled down the hill.
Bought some of those rocks that crackle in your mouth.
Went to vintage shops that were super pricey and super cool and super edgy.
Wrestled our way to the end of the pier.
We jumped on the crazy mouse because it was right by the water and would have a pretty view. The constant spinning made it hard to appreciate the beauty of the ocean.
I cried for about 3 minutes because how in the world can something so simple as the crazy mouse be so much fun?
Made our way back to the ocean.
Got almost naked.
Watched her swim for a solid 0.3 seconds.
Then it was my turn to attempt a little dip in the water.
I hated it. (I will send video upon request)
We ended up in a park by a church where we saw a lady inject something between her toes.
It was all very familiar, a scene I’ve stumbled across a couple of early mornings.
We passed the green Oxfam sign, while I was wearing my green trousers and my green sweater. So, I bought a pair of green shoes and felt pretty damn cool walking around in this ensemble to be honest.
The last stop was to the Mexican burrito place.
It was disappointing.
Guac was bland.
No cheese.
Iceberg lettuce??????

Back on to the train.
Came home and compared sunburns.
I did not win.
Not too sad about that one.
She was wearing a headband across her forehead all day long. Smartypants.

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