The Human Experience – By @G_Medford

By Christopher Medford



The Human Experience


Being human, having the human experience is one of the strangest things to be apart of – aside from wondering how vast the universe is or pondering the viscosity of actual space. But it’s true, there are so many variables that shape a human. The best way I can explain it is that, if life was an RPG game, then character creator list of attributes would be more than a couple pages. We are all quite complicated, but it is a good thing that there can be so many variables that we remain individual within huge populations across the world, experiencing life a little differently to everyone else, with every moment altering the way you perceive the world.


But within individual uniqueness, we are all human so we are all still the same, making the human experience seem more surreal than real. There is a theory that life itself including the universe is a simulation. Yes that’s right, we all are living on some beings computer hard drive and this is human life 5778, the latest game the spotty teenage celestial beings are playing on their PlayStations. I can’t argue if we are or we aren’t, but it does put another spin on everything. Does this make every experience that you’ve had in life, the experiences that shaped you into the person that you are, any less relevant or does this mean you may have a second chance to get to see another perspective on the next restart?


Within everything there are flaws. There are flaws with this theory but we as humans are flawed by primitive thinking. Amongst billions of other humans, I would guess about a quarter  actually question their existence. Who,what,how,where,when did this all start and what does the next stage of sentient existence look like it?


What does the next stage of society look like, will it till have unnecessary drama within it? Would we still need to interject little forms of chaos to disrupt,intritate and confuse within mass communication or will all be so different would shiva pendulum swing in the opposite direction? Will it be a world where we all become pacifist sentient beings, where we drop prejudice or judgemental from the dictionary because neither exists? Where we lose all the -isms because the human hive mind has devoted itself to a greater cause? No more famine,death and pestilence and the eternal human experience exists. 


I’m definitely not sure about that either but I have a feeling we’ve pretty much absolutely missed the mark, definitely missed the point of existence. We are constantly distracted with our own personal importance that we forget the bigger picture. So when the earth is literally on fire and I’m trying to sell ads to Tommy Hilfiger to get that last ticket, so that I may voyage the cosmos because the earth is past the point of return of repair, my last words before I board would be, OK Boomer.

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