Wha??? By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin



Oh gosh I got into SCA something I didn’t think would even be possible, I only found out about the school a couple of months ago after D&AD new blood and now I’m coming here in September. Surreal?!


I’m trying to find things to say for these scabs because I’m not normally a writer, I am having flashbacks of when I was writing my dissertation as I write this and breaking out into a cold sweat as my poor dyslexic self has tries to cope. A lot of the other posts that other students have written are so insightful and cool although just learned how to say the word “specific” right, so you can already tell your in for treat when it comes to my scabs.


I can already tell this year is gonna be hectic  just from looking at the summer work we were given…did you know we had to read….a book… more than one book as well??? I haven’t read a full book in…I don’t really remember to be honest probably when I was young and still hopeful for the world, which makes me relieved that a lot of the reading list has audio counterparts, I’m a audio visual learner anyway. Speaking of books , that memory one is suppose to help me remember better yet I have to go back and reread stuff, since I keep forgetting what they said earlier….oh the irony!


It’s so weird doing summer homework i haven’t done that in years, I guess it’s true what they say about sca not being like other places especially uni. I spent a good few days trying to figure out what company to villainize in my scholarship video and what is my passion is for the passion project…which is very hard for someone like me who loses the will to live every time I click on the wrong web page. I’ve also been getting to know the place pretty well can I come in to do work and write these, did you guys know this place is near a place that has the best jerk chicken!


I’m nervous, I’m from a visual communication background, I’ve done a few advertising briefs but comparing to others I’m nowhere near as experienced, which might be good because I got experience in other things that could help me. I also just recently graduated too, all my friends are getting into the wonderful world of work while I try to starve off the inevitability of going to work just little longer in hopes to get into those nice ad agencies with all the free sugar packets and bananas I can have (before kicking me out for stealing too much). Although looking at the info I have collected from my lurking I may have just leap into something more intense than real life work, which is sounds both terrifying yet exciting!!


Someone yelled at me one time for being too logical??? which is true…so I guess I have to warn you about that, it seem super important at the time so I just wanted to let you know beforehand.


I also reallllly like the colour pink, it my default so all my early concepts will just be covered in pink, if it’s creative i will find a way to add pink into it, thought funny enough the pink does suit me clothes wise.


Is this 500? Who knows, who cares since I still gotta write these anyway but the first one is always the hardest and I least I got that done.


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