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Laura Magee

By Laura Magee



SCA has been my university.
On the 14th of July I will graduate without a cap or gown and the space my Grandma has left between my brother’s photos for mine to be hung won’t be filled anytime soon.
But you know what.. I’m sure a snap at the party will be the perfect replacement. It will mean so much more.
Today, we all shared really honest reflections of ways we’ve changed this year.
Without making this a long story (which I know I’m prone to doing and I apologise to anyone who’s been affected by that).
The years been a lonnnng one.
Sometimes it’s felt like I’ve been sinking – doggy paddling to keep my head above the water.
There’s been lots of doubts, confusions and plenty of tears, and no doubt there will be many more forecast in the next couple of days.
But we’re on the home stretch. Almost there. Just one last hill to climb. And then we’ve made it.
There’s been points this year where I’ve genuinely thought I was too young, too unskilled, lacked little life and work experience to fully embrace the course. Although these things have slowed me down, I’ve quickly learnt that you should probe spend less time worrying and more time doing. Experience comes with experience, so get stuck in.
There’s also been moments when I’ve looked at my friend’s feeds to see their version of a student lifestyle as partying every week, relaxing and although we get time to do both.. looming deadlines whilst dancing to Justin Timberlake new song doesn’t quite let you fully unravel your worries.
Just over a year ago I applied to come to the school. I did it off the cuff as I knew it was what I wanted to do. It was 100% the most unexpected thing I’ve ever done. I tend to play things safe. To think that the end is almost near a year and a bit later is crazy. But amazingly crazy.
So do crazy things people. 

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