NO REGRETS – By @ChristianAasber

By Christian Aasberg




So Marc told us to end the year with no regrets, to pick something out of a list he had made and do it before the year ends.
I went through the list and figured that there were a couple of things I could do before new years.

So I started by picking up the phone, to call a friend I haven’t spoken to in years, that was one of the things on the list, and I stood there and was like, who should I call that I actually might get a meaningful conversation out of.
I went through my address book, then I went through it again, and again. Until I decided that there was no one there, then I went onto Facebook messenger and started to look through who was active, no one really, I stayed on it for a while and suddenly a named popped up, ‘Alexander is now active’

And I was like, that’s the guy I’m going to call.
So the first time I called there was no answer, I figured he may have just been busy or something, so I tried again later, still no answer, I waited until the next day and tried a few more times, and finally he picked up, I guess he became tired of me calling all the time.

His first word were “yeah?” And that was it, and then I started thinking, did we fall apart because I did something to piss him off? Then I heard a “Hello?” And quickly answered.
I laid out very smooth with the old, “hey man, long time, how are you doing?” And I got a “fine” that was it, just, fine, I figured he was mad at me. So I asked him if he was up for a beer. Only logical solution when someone is mad at you, beer.

We went out later that day to a pub, I ordered two beers and we drank it without saying anything, I ordered two more, and then he finally spoke, and his words were “how the fuck could you do that to me?” And now I definitely knew he was mad, I had no idea what he was mad about, so I asked him “what?” And his next words were “you are a bigger idiot than I thought if you don’t remember”

Now I was confused, I started asking him what he was talking about, and finally he spilled it. We are three beers in at this moment.

“How could you sleep with my girlfriend?” That was what he said, and now I was even more confused and baffled than before, I was stunned, so it took me a while before I finally said “ What are you talking about”

So now we are on our fourth beer and arguing, he kept saying I slept with his girlfriend, and I kept denying it, it wasn’t a very intelligent argument, but in the end we came to a conclusion.

So his Ex girlfriend cheated on him, he found out through some friends, who had seen her kiss with another guy and then seen her again later that day with me (In my defence, I was friends with her before they became a couple, we were just having coffee), and when he confronted her with it and she didn’t know what to say, she said it was with me, so of course he was mad at me. Now it so happens that she told me she was cheating on him and with who, so I could tell him what really happened.

So in the end we figured it out, and we kept drinking, way to many beers, and now he is coming to visit me in London in March, so it all turned out great.

I am happy that we got set this assignment, so that I could a old friend back.

Side note: As I have been writing this SCAB, I realised that about the same time I stopped talking to Alexander, I also stopped talking to his girlfriend. No wonder she cut the connection with me, after she had said something like that.

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