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By @MarcellaTarable

Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm.
Still dressed up from the night before I crawl out of bed, I taste vodka in my mouth and my eyes are Panda like, once again. 
I have a video shoot today.
Not time for feeling hangover neither miserable. 
I shake the vodka away with a hot shower.
“Camera. I can use the Gopro. Let’s ask them if they have a micro sd card. Have I called Nick? Did I tell the artists where to find the studio? Do I have coffee for them? Biscuits, chocolate? Fuck no biscuits. Ok, I can buy some on the way. Did Tom get the easel? Who has the paint?”
Dress up. Camera, Bag. Cycle. 
Get to the studio. Find the rest of my group.
Set the lights, set the background. Does anybody know how to use this tripod? 
Chaos. Chaos. More Chaos. Nick arrives. He knows what to do. Hug Nick. Thank Nick. Thank Nick. 
The first artist arrives. We are late and not set up. 
Smile. Look professional. Look like you know what you are doing. Some biscuits while waiting?
Start to shoot. Camera in my hands. How do I use this? Panic. Nick tells me. Hug Nick. Thank Nick. 
Too many people inside the room. Start to be bossy. Become paranoid.  Eat some chocolate. Feeling better. 
Hand the camera to Tom, hug Nina. Nina smiles. She says all is good. It’s all good I think.
Everybody looks very relaxed. I make an effort to look the same but inside me I have a thunderstorm. I so want this to look amazingly great.
Second artist arrives. Smile. Look professional, offer biscuits, maybe a tea while you are waiting as we are so damn late?
Get in the studio. No time for bullshit. Keep going. Hey artist, can you look at the camera? Can you move the finger a bit more to the left? Can you deep the brush into the color? Can you do it again? 
First artist gone, then the second,third, fourth and fifth. 
Last shot. It’s almost 8pm.
Everybody goes and I sit on the carpet looking at the empty studio, where just few minutes before we shot our first music video. 
I finally catch breath and eat some more chocolate, just in case.
I close my eyes and feel that sense of satisfaction which is hardly comparable to anything, not even chocolate.
What an amazing day.

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