604 800 seconds of Rocket science

Elin Jarlstrom






By @Elinjarlstrom



It’s no secret that we often feel as if we don’t have enough time. We tell

ourselves “If there only were more hours in the day”. Then, oh yes then we

would be able to do all those things we now don’t seem to have time for.


Did you know that one week of your life, meaning seven days, 168 hours

and therefore 10 108 minutes, contains exactly 604 800 seconds?


Math has never really been my strong suit. If it was, I probably would have

followed my childhood dream and worked for NASA by now. Clearly, that

just wasn’t meant to happen. I do know though that 604 800 is quite a

large number.


Before starting SCA, I had a feeling that this year was going to be intense.

As if I had any idea what I was actually talking about back then.

This week I’ve kept on begging for an extra digit on my watch. 604 800

seconds just didn’t seem to do it for me.


Marc often tells us that there’s no such thing as “not enough time”.

And if we just stop wasting it by sitting around on our asses doing shit, we

can use it to make original shit happen.


I believe it all comes down to prioritising. Why blame lack of time when it’s

actually all about how we decide to use the time that we’ve got.


I’ve decided to set myself a challenge for next week.


I’m going to beat time.


No more last second deadlines. No more procrastination. No more grumpy

Good Mornings after walking the streets of London in my PJs at 6am after a

nights work. Even though that’s some original shit.


Next week and the ones following, I will spend 604 800 seconds trying to

make original shit happen.


That’s just my kind of Rocket science.

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