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Mads Neilson






By @MadsAlexander


For me words are uncertain. For every word I use, I hide what I’m really trying to say. Therefore I’m not the biggest fan of writing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not reluctant towards all words. It is not even the word itself, It is the delution words can create. The misunderstanding or the wrong explanation. Words are dangerous. I can’t count how many times what I’ve written has been misinturpeted. 
In other words, I admit, sometimes I can be overly verbose, and on occasion I’m known to use a few too many unnecessary words. I try to cover things up when I am not comletely sure what I want to say. I should think more and write less. Think more about what I am really trying to say. To be honest I’m not quite sure where this is heading. It’s a bit like one word just follows another and I end up with a completely different meaning. 
Most schools award you for how many words you can use. For all the fancy verbs and “eloquent” phrases you can put together. Even now I have to use a minimum of 250 words. What a waste. A waste of your time, since you would have (hopefully) got the point of this blog post if you had stopped after reading the title. But I am making a point here.
Words have a resemblance to beers. the more you have, the more unfocused you get, and you often regret the last couple of them. The only thing you can do is to try and cut down next time – good luck with that.
Next time I won’t use this many words. 

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