Sport time – By @bastien52530427

By Bastien Chazalette Zaco


Sport time

Very London. This were my thoughts as we entered the dingy lit pitch. There were three guys on already I was somewhat confused. Alfie stepped into the pitch and said that the booking had been made for 5 PM. The guys asked what the time was, my redhead friend said it was five to four. This seemed to be the message they wanted to hear and they continued playing. We sat nervously on the sidelines like schoolchildren until the teacher (in this case the gym employee) came along and told them to leave.
As I put on my kit I realized I hadn’t played football for a while. As we walked onto the pitch there was a deadly silence as everyone stretched out. Alfie, quick to comment, says “like the champions league final dressing room” Tommy laughed. I thought this could be a good game. The teams were easily decided by Charlie, Phil, Alex, and Tommy suspiciously wearing blue. Alfie Lawrence, myself, Munraj and DJ were wearing a range of other colors. Our Alfie and Munraj had rolled up in the best Arsenal kits, looking like they never been worn before.
We started the game by kicking the ball to the opposition. It was a somewhat scrappy start but soon with a couple of decent passes and a lot of hacking of the feet it began to get better. The blue team with some good passing managed to score a goal against our team. Then a second. This seemed to wake our team-up. Lawrence became everywhere on the field making tackles running up the pitch passing and scoring a couple of good goals. Alfie for this first initial hit the ball as hard as he could and rarely touched near the goal. When Munraj came in slightly late having taken a while in the dressing room the nerves clearly got him. A quick pass from Lawrence gave Alfie possession in the final third he tossed the ball past one man and smashed it home. Gooaaaaaalllll.Half-time couldn’t have come sooner. I probably need to stop smoking… I went to the fountain and felt the cold water cool my sweaty forehead.
The game resumes with us asking the blue team if they need the extra man. The game started with them passing straight to Lawrence, who in his own half scored. For a moment the game was dominated by our side until two kids who had been watching the game decided to play. One of them confidently strolled on and said: “which team am I playing for then”. “You’re playing yeah?” Alfie said. He again stuck with it and said: “yeah I am”. We told him to go on the blue team. He quickly had an impact scoring many goals. Both teams were inspired by this and scored several goals during the end of the game. For it eventually ending with a classic Lawrence goal. He got the ball from the keeper ran the whole pitch and slotted it home. An exhausting game, which was good fun. I look forward to the next game.

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