How to get selected on Selection Day

Well done! Marc liked you enough to invite you to a Selection Day. Now, all you have to do is convince him and the rest of the mentors that you deserve a spot at the school. Easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it      

  1. Come up with an interesting way of presenting yourself
  2. Present your interesting way of presenting yourself confidently

That also sounds easy enough, right? Well, it isn’t. That’s probably why you’re here reading this SCAB in the first place. But fear not, future SCA student – by starting with research, you’re already one step ahead of everyone who didn’t.

During your call with Marc, he undoubtedly gave you a few examples of his favourite presentations from the last 10 years. How brilliantly creative were those?! How will you ever come up with something comparable?! Do you even have an ounce of creativity in you?? You decided to apply to SCA, which by default makes you an interesting person, so stop second-guessing your own abilities!

When I was in your position, I frantically read through every SCAB I could find on the topic, hoping to get a better idea of what was meant with “present yourself”. I came across a SCAB by someone who said they wouldn’t spoil Selection Day by revealing too much about the kind of presentations to expect. I agree with that, and after your own Selection Day, you will understand why. However, not forgetting how much I wanted just some kind of direction, I will give you a few, brief examples – but keep in mind that some were more successful than others. I’ve seen people present themselves through a song, a puppet show, a monologue, their love for a specific product and many more. My own presentation used data about myself, collected from different digital services I use. I turned it into a video because my presentation was online, but it could be anything –  a painting, a poem or simply you talking. Whatever you do, just make sure it stays true to who you are.

It’s completely normal to go through various stages of self-doubt in your preparation. If you’ve got the confidence of John Carpenter, you can stop reading now, but if not, read on to hear what post-Selection-Day-me would say to pre-Selection-Day-me’s biggest worries.

I’m an introvert. How will I ever stand out in a room full of people who are born entertainers?

You don’t have to dance like a monkey to be creative. Standing out doesn’t mean being the loudest person in the room. Be creative in a way that’s true to you. If you try to be something you’re not, they’ll see straight through you. Quiet creativity is creativity too – and if you ask me, it’s often the most interesting kind.

What if I mess up my presentation?

Losing control feels bad, but your presentation not going to plan isn’t a bad thing at all. How you react to it will give everyone a good idea of who you are and how you cope with unexpected and stressful situations. So if something does go wrong, use it to your advantage – take a deep breath, keep your cool and continue.

What if everyone thinks I’m too weird and won’t fit in?

‘Too weird’ isn’t a thing at SCA. Weirdness is celebrated. You belong.

What else should I do to prepare?

Do your research. On the school, on the industry, on the famous people in it.

Don’t be shy to ask direct questions. It shows how you think, and Marc loves a daring question.

Don’t try to sell yourself during your presentation only. There’s a reason it’s called Selection Day.

Good luck – you’ve got this!


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