First Impressions – By @gnomeegnome

Naomi Taylor

By Naomi Taylor


First Impressions

It’s been 2 weeks since SCA started and it has been so much more than I had expected. Not one day has been the same which has helped to keep my brain fresh and curious. I have felt like a rock star at times and have gotten glimpses of what my life could be like. 

Before starting I assumed I knew what it would be like and what the people would be like. All I can say now is that I was wrong, which I’m glad about. I thought I would be too weird or loud but there are plenty of others that sit within that zone and I love it. I can be quiet in new situations but I haven’t been quiet at all, in fact I may be the loudest?

Marc… interesting guy. Couldn’t work him out before and still can’t but I don’t find him as weird anymore. He’s funny and wants to be famous, that’s cool. 

All the mentors we’ve had so far have been SICK (great). Everyone of them approaches things in a different way, through different eyes and of course, with different opinions. They say it how it is which Is great because if my work is rubbish I would rather know before i make it look pretty and polished. They have been there and experienced things I could only dream of at this stage and it’s exciting to think that’s what my future could be like.

Lastly there is my commute – a whole 4 hours of it. It started out difficult but I think I’m slowly adjusting to it. I almost enjoy the journey home as it gives me opportunity to write up my notes and get stuff done. It’s easier getting up in the morning when you enjoy what you are getting up for.

I have a lot of new friends and a lot of them feel like family already – crazy!

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