Christmas SCAB

Twas the night before PB, and all through the school, stress boiled, tensions brewed, it was not very cool.

Yeh, I reckon I’m not gonna do that. My rhyming will be bad and it won’t make much sense.

Anyway. Ho Ho Ho and all that, we’ve broken up for Crimbo after what can only be described as a whirlwind term one. But I’ve been told this is just the beginning, so for now it’s mulled wine, lie ins and let’s not forget starting our books!

For our final reflection before the xmas holly bums we had to create a beautifully crafted slide on the one thing we learnt from term one. For my slide I whipped up a little video showing what I used to do, which was being an experimental sound artist. Which is a horrible, wanky umbrella term I fashioned that means next to nothing. But what I did essentially involved me doing experimental vocal techniques, like throat singing, beatboxing as well as classical singing and whacking it all through a series of effects pedals to create soundscapes for shows…so we can see why it is a bit hard to explain in a few words.

Anyway, where was I going with this. Oh yeh, so after a showed a bit a me doing some weird sound bits, I showed what I get up to now at SCA. Which apart from all the brilliant masterclasses, stressful PBs, and live two day briefs, essentially involves running around with nerf guns with all my new mates, and having a laugh.

In the reflection, I said that the one thing I had learnt is that I fucking love all of this.

But I thought this was a bit of a cop out, so I thought I make use of the ol’ SCAB here and actually reflect. What is the one thing I’ve learnt? Have I learnt anything at all? What is it to learn, and if it was one thing in particular during this period of study what was it?

I dunno.


One thing?

Too hard.

I’ve learnt loads.

This is another cop out I guess.

I’ve learnt how to poorly use Adobe, I’ve learnt how to poorly write poems, I’ve learnt how poorly write a SCAB.



What is THE one thing I’ve learnt.

I guess it would have to be the beginnings of creative problem solving.

God, saying it like that is a bit dull isn’t it?

But I guess that is the answer. All the techniques, the different ways of looking of looking at things, working with different partners, getting the ideas across, desperately trying to find the proposition. It all comes down to the very start of becoming a creative problem solver.

Next stop, learn how to mass communicate and write a better SCAB.

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