Previously on SCA Island

The aim of the game is simple. Join SCA. Flutter your creative peacock feathers, and secure a partner. End the year in marital bliss, before going on to advertise for big name brands. Become a millionaire. Break up.

Wait, that sounds sort of familiar.


[Iain Stirling voice]: 

Previously on SCA island…


“Good riddance. Sick of them anyway.”

While Stick It got STICKY.

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“It feels so….empty…all of a sudden.”

How long can they keep their cool?

“We need to win a black pencil. Oh god. We need to win a black pencil AND pretty much all of us have to win Cream. Why did Checkout have to do us like that?”

(Dramatic pause)

(Insert shot of the moon)


Over 40 new students arrive.

“Why are there so many of them!?”

A lot of bonds are about to be tested.

“Has my head been turned?”

“I’m still technically single.”

“There’s no harm in getting to know them.”

(Ominous echo)



My journey so far through SCA has felt a lot like a season of Love Island. This is what I tell people when they ask about the course, anyway. I was told by Checkout to ‘sleep around’ with as many creatives as I can, the end goal being to finally partner up with my perfect match. 

I’m Sarah, the token geordie. Hopeless romantic, and here to find the art director of my dreams. So far we’ve been keeping our cards pretty close to our chests. We’ve just about reached the Casa Amor segment, and all of a sudden we can feel the competition being stoked. Mentors are telling us to make our move with one another – much like a producer would, I imagine, if the cast were just chilling on the daybed together and not getting off.

Now the pressure is on. Everyone’s thinking it. So far, we’ve steered clear of putting all our eggs in one basket. We’ve been taking it slow – testing the waters – priming ourselves for the moment we finally decide to pull each other for a chat. The chat of all chats. A lot of Stick It, I have to admit, are my type on paper. But am I theirs? 

There can only be one match. The new term – and the new villa – has lit a fire under each of our perfect, beach-ready, sun-tanned arses. Now, we’re laying it on. Factor 50.

Stick It are about to start sticking together. Or will they get on a Boat to lure in a partner from the other side of the island?

Stay tuned to find out.

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