The Spyglass by @grudevaa

Anna Grudeva

By Annie Grudeva


The Spyglass

Anyone that has ever written a CV and a cover letter knows how difficult it is to talk about oneself. I often found myself asking someone to help me with putting all the facts together because I never felt I can get myself across. I was either under or overselling myself, too full or too empty, just genuinely unsure if who I am will fit with the company I was applying for.

One thing I was never in my cover letters is true to myself. I was too ‘proper’.

When you go through the SCA you will be broken down to your inner core and rebuilt. No, that’s a lie. You go back to who you are. Good. Bad. Mischievous. Smart. Stupid. Adventurous. Dominant. Submissive. Whatever it is, you can’t hide it.

When you come to the SCA you will see our books. Our babies. Our mirrors.
I’ve noticed it lately, how much my book reflects who I am. The good, the bad and the ugly. But at the same time when I’m working on my book it feels like I’m working on myself. We’re growing together, like siblings.

So next time you come to the SCA come by, under the fisting posters you’ll find me and Pinky, doing the same thing we do every night – try to take over the world!

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