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Tomasz Wojcik

By Tomasz Wojcik


Update your BrainOS


I’ve heard it many times – “technology is moving so fast that I find it hard to keep track of the latest stuff.” It’s no wonder, we’re living in the most exciting period since the Industrial Revolution where technology and inventions had changed the perception of how we see and experience the world. The problem we are facing is quite paradoxical. Our civilisation’s progress is at the moment of a strong exponential growth. What does it mean for us? For starters it alters our perception of time. The tempo of our lives seems to have quickened in the last 20-30 years while the rate of technological changes that push our civilisation forward occur ever faster. Tech is progress. We all have a need to develop, to grow, to flourish, to adapt. Where’s the paradox then? For all the joy of technological advancement and limitless possibilities we’ve created for ourselves we are unable to cognitively cope with the changes we tried so ardently to implement. And even though we are trying real hard to be curious and open minded we fail to follow our own footsteps. It feels like something new pops out everyday and we are struggling to grasp that next important piece of news about freshly baked technological produce. So for every one of you who like me feels constantly worried whether your brain is compatible with the newest tech software & hardware, I offer tips to stay updated. 

1. Install Flipboard app – available for you IPhone/IPad/Android 

I does a great job of gathering content from variety of tech sites in one visually appealing package.

2. Use Google Currents – smooth and simple aggregator for all kind of news with no account connection necessary + sync you data across OS platforms

3. Feed your head with RSS feeds from popular tech sites such as:

For Google Chrome or Firefox you will be needing a RSS Reader. 


will do the trick.

4. Follow twitter leaders who breath the air of  innovation and entrepreneurship in tech

For instance:




5. Experience tech yourself

Don’t just read about it. Try to understand how it works and in what ways can it contribute to the society. Reading is good but you learn more by doing. 

Try to test drive a new car model. Car manufacturers are always trying to implement the newest technology inside the car. See how it works, play with it and enjoy. Lastly, inform politely you need some time to think about the car’s purchase. Leave the dealer. Find another one. Play more.

Watch google 360 videos with Virtual Reality capabilities. Download augmented reality fun apps. Get your foot in many different tech festivals and events. There are usually people who will let you try a newest piece of tech equipment. Don’t take it for granted. You might have missed on a great opportunity to be inspired by gadgets that could spark your next big idea.

One thing is certain, with so many emerging technologies of today it is almost impossible to predict and comprehend how today’s technology might be used tomorrow. However, people will always find innovative ways of interacting and communicating with it. Be sure to be one of those people and you will never fall off track.

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