Where did the time go? By @dennis_engel87

Dennis Engel

By Dennis Engel


Where did the time go? 


Is it really Thursday again? What happened with September?

I just closed my eyes and reflected yesterday and it’s already October. No, the first week of October is already gone.

It feels like yesterday when I enjoyed my lunch break at 24°C outside in the sun. Today I went to school and I realized that the leaves already started to fall down from the trees and autumn and winter are just ahead. Days are starting to vanish into weeks — and weeks into month.

Where did the time go? This is one of my most asked questions right now. – Where did it go?

Time at SCA is your best friend if you’re are organized and mindful like Buddha Ben and Diana taught us and it’s your biggest enemy if your are not.

Internalizing the master classes and briefs becomes an essential part of our progression. It’s the reason you stay awake in the nights and you wake up to early in the morning when you suddenly catch the golden nugget out of the 20 billion thoughts inside the endlessness of your subconscious mind.

It either gives you this uneasy feeling if you can’t find it or a satisfied laughing before you will fall exhausted into your bed and can’t wait to present your results the following day.

Did I challenge my brain enough today?

Did I manage my time well enough?

What did I learn?

It’s important to take these five minute breaks to reflect the day. Otherwise I get the feeling that the time is swallowing me alive until Friday and spits me out before the week-end to just run after me again the following Monday.

Time has more value than money at SCA. But it’s a good feeling — no, it’s an awesome feeling.

We all share the passion of trying to be the best in a competitive work environment. We develop ourselves and shape ideas out of regions inside our brains that I didn’t know that they existed.We simply chose to be here to study with like-minded people from all over the globe.

Everyday could be the day that our ideas change the world. Your unknown classmates turned from nobody to your friends, your psychologists and even family members in under 4 weeks.

We share the time together. We decide the value we want to give to our time. We decide the direction we want to go. The Brixton church is our time machine and Marc is our captain.

He directs us towards the future. 

Time over… 

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