Seraphim Extract: A meeting at the Sycamore tree Part 1

Another extract, hope you enjoy. Still working progress. 

The sky was a bright blue. A few scattered clouds peppered the sky, which would occasionally pass in front of the sun. The shadows cast on the grassy plains gave life to the hills and mountains. There was a gentle breeze that would meander from time to time. It made the shrubbery dance, and more dandelion seeds broke off and floated and dispersed into the air. Like snowflakes on a winter’s day. The sound of crickets filled the air, mellow in tone but auditorily there. The large sycamore tree stood in the centre of this canvas, dominating the environment. The base and body were large but dwarfed in comparison to the brunches that spewed from the trunk. All the leaves were a deep green. The gentle breeze made them sway so effortlessly, which let in the sun’s rays. The light passing through the leaves made it look like the veins of a river breaking through the land finding a way down to the basin. Occasionally, the seeds would break off and spiral their way down, bringing the tree that much more alive. The seeds resembled beetles and flies that seemed to all have their reasons to be in the sycamore tree.

Nestor was set at the base of the tree, nestled between two roots that formed a v shape with his back firmly into the trunk. His gaze was firmly transfixed upward toward the seeds dancing as they fell from the tree. Sometimes the light of the sun would cut into his eyes, but he didn’t let that deter him from the fascination he got from watching the seeds dance. He extended his arm out and opened his palm. A seed seemed to guide itself directly into his palm. He clasped his hand gently and brought his hand close to his face. He started to look at the seed with more precision. As he did so, looking past the seed, something caught his eye in the distance. A smirk came onto his face. He pulled his gaze back to the seed.

Daedra flew towards the sycamore tree at speed. As he got close, he expanded his three remaining wings to slow his descent. He reached the sycamore tree and retracted his wings. Without stepping, a foot onto the ground, he moved towards Nestor and stopped a few feet from him.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen your sorry ass, Skeleton, and I am glad to say so”, Daedra spoke with a warm demeanour. Nestor stood up, placed the seed down gently and walked towards Daedra. He stood in front of him and hugged him. Daedra, a bit surprised, felt comfort and returned the gesture.

“Nestor is fine. Nice to see you’re still a dick,” Nestor said whilst embracing him. They separated.

“So…a thousand years you’ve been gone,” Nestor said with a chillness in his voice. Daedra looked him in the eyes. “Where I was, that was a second…it was eternity”, Daedra spoke angrily. “Revenge is what I want”.


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