Dear KRAK Intake – One Last SCAB pt. 1 – By @MunrajSC

Dear KRAK Intake – One Last SCAB pt. 1

Today was our last reflections ever and although I’ve not written a SCAB in a while and our last day is actually 3 days away, I figured I’d put down my thoughts and feelings as one final ‘Goodbye’ to SCA. After seeing Phil so lovingly roast each of us individually in his final reflection slide, I thought part one would be dedicated to my fellow students of the KRAK intake graduating from SCA with me (stay tuned for part two, where the mentors and faculty get to feel awkward too.)

Aaron: Seeing your consistent improvement and how hard you worked to overcome struggling this year is one of the few things that motivated me along. At times I was in competition with you and other times I felt inspired. Thank you.

Alex: I will forever be thankful that I had someone to go to the gym with at SCA. Working out was one thing but having great conversation at the same time was one of the things that helped me destress and I really appreciated those moments with you.

Alfie: When you knuckled down this year, your glow up was incredible. I loved seeing your work for D&AD but also your photography is beautiful and your attitude to work reminds me not to take this so seriously. Also, learn to pass the ball mate.

Alice: There are two, maybe three Art Directors from KRAK whose work I love. You are one of them. I love your style, both in real life and on an artboard. Oh, and your back-and-forths with Philip were a highlight of my mornings.

Bastien: It would be easy to talk about how stunning your work is or how intimidatingly attractive you are but for me, from the beginning of SCA I appreciated how helpful you were in teaching (and being patient with) me. 

Carly: Your work is stunning. You’re funny. You live in the best place ever, which makes me really jealous. You’re also annoyingly nice. Like you’re nice, but then… there should be something wrong with you. But there isn’t. Which is annoying.

Charlie: Talking of nice people… Talking to you just makes people seem to feel better. It’s such a brilliant superpower to have. A random anecdote I have is that you were the first person I spoke to on the first day of SCA and I approached you because you looked really kind. Usually after spending a year working around someone, that opinion should change, but nope. You’re literally as kind as you look.

Chloë: Man. What a ride we’ve had. Now, I think you’re even more brilliant than I first thought when I met you on BFS. There’s not a doubt in my mind that you’re going to be one of the biggest names in whatever future you have.

Chris: My guy. You’re an absolute legend. The levels of hustle and grind you showed working at the same time as doing SCA inspired me every day. I love how honest you are and how you aren’t willing to compromise your vision of your work when you know how good it could be. Also, the fact that you drove me back to the other side of London after knowing me for a few weeks was crazy.

Dean: You’re incredible man. You are fascinating to bounce ideas around with and your passion for your ideas speaks volumes. Even our deep, introspective drunk conversations in Market House always left me feeling lighter afterwards. 

DJ: Your voice was inspiring when you spoke up earlier this year and it was powerful to hear you speak with such passion. I know you’ll go on to make the changes you want to see. 

Elisa: You epitomise the “talent working hard beats everything” mantra of SCA. Your work ethic and talent are insanely admirable but you’re still so humble, sometimes problematically so. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re feeling imposter syndrome, I will happily cheer you on and remind you that you’re a badass creative who will have her name in lights one day. 

Elle: The fact that you and Gigi secured the bag and got a placement before Portfolio Day had me in awe. We literally came from Day One together and our Interview Day feels like years ago and yet like last week at the same time. I can’t wait to see the headlines you guys deserve.  

Ellie: I could do an ‘Ellie’ response and just tell you that you already know how I feel and that neither of us are going anywhere, so as to avoid saying this. Or, I could tell you that there is nobody at SCA I’m happier to have in my life and I will miss literally every moment I spent with your insane, quirky, brilliant self in the last 11 months and that this last year of my life would have been a hundred times worse if you weren’t in it. But, you already know how I feel.

Eva: When I think about my time at SCA with you, I keep coming back to memories of sitting with you at the swings by the church and talking. I don’t know if those moments were as meaningful to you as they were to me but I really appreciated how I would walk back into the church feeling better than when we left it.

Gigi: Obviously everything work-related in Elle’s message counts for you too. But aside from that, I admire the fact that you are always yourself and hold nothing back. From walking and talking on our way back from Mother to chatting next to you in the Church, you’ve always been unashamedly honest, a rare thing to find in someone.

Holly: The little bits of your day that bring you joy are just as important as the big pencil wins and book scores. I loved the banter between us every day and the hugs and support at the end of the week after it all.

Issy: Honestly, D&AD was a stressful time but we got through it and that feeling of solidarity between us will be something I always remember about my time at SCA. We did great work and I know you will continue to do so after we leave Brixton.

Ivan: I don’t know if you read my message to Alice but you are (and I’m sure you know this) the other Art Director whose work inspires and motivates me to be better. But because you know that already, I will instead say that I loved being around your energy and your sense of humour is top-tier. 

Jay: Man. I am beyond proud of all of your achievements. Under duress I was forced to say that you were my best friend at SCA. I will use this space to now redact that statement. However, you are more like a small, annoying younger brother to me. I valued every walk, throw of a tennis ball, stupid joke and deep and meaningful conversation with you. I can’t wait to come visit you at whatever top agency you’re working at.

Katie (with honourable mention of Andy): Firstly, Andy, I know you’re not officially part of the KRAK intake but you are an incredibly kind and caring person and I am a little jealous of Katie. Cool. Back to Katie. Thank you for teaching me and supporting me so much. The tuna melt was a tangible, unforgettable experience, of course, but also your personality taught me to keep having fun and every conversation I have with you makes me go “aw I miss Katie” after we say bye. We will definitely catch up often over a big bag of chocolate buttons.  

Lawrence: You’re a great guy with a great personality, right up until you start playing football. Then you turn into some wizard that can’t be stopped and when we played together I noticed how much drive and ambition you have. Your style is unique and I know you’ll go far.

Marley: You’re amazing. Forget about your work for a second, you already know I love it and I think you and Carly are going to be the women that shake the industry. But, on top of all that, your personality is also brilliant and raw and your passion is captivating. AND THEN, on top of that, I admire your bravery to spark change that I felt grateful to have been a part of.

Oliver: I hate you and everything you stand for and I will miss watching your brain literally working and coming up with a genius thought right in front of me. I want to see you on the news celebrating all of your successes (and not because you were caught in a school playground again.) 

Phillip: Firstly, call my beard anything other than a 10/10 again and I will cut you. I literally saw your face the first thing in the morning almost every day at SCA and I’d have been hard-pressed to find a more beautiful sight to look at while eating my breakfast. Thank you for starting my days off with laughter and reminding me that I can do this. 

Pierre: I would love to be able to read your mind for one day and hear all the crazy, inspired thoughts you come up with. I know every single one would be hilarious and genius. 

Rachael: You’re alright, I guess. Get me a job and I’ll compliment you. (Truthfully, I literally could not have got here without you. I’m so thankful I ended up working with the perfect person. Let’s get this bread.) 

Rolly: The thing I valued most about our time at SCA wasn’t the banter and taking the piss out of each other, although those were great times actually. I especially loved the 1AM unfiltered talks with you and that you trusted me with your deepest, darkest secrets. Ok not that dark, but still.

Sam: If “the life of the party” was personified, it would look and sound just like you. In the end, I think you are talented enough to be whatever you want to be. I can’t imagine you stopping at Art Director or Copywriter. One day I hope I’ll see the ads for your own brand(s) plastered all over London. Until then, I know that your style is so unique to you that when I see the lines you’ve written, I will smile and recognise them as yours for sure. 

Scarlet: There’s not a doubt in my mind that you can achieve literally everything you set your mind to. Your energy with Chloë is brilliant and seeing your craft makes me want to tear up my work and start again to try and reach your level. 

Tommy: I already told you I’m glad I can call you my friend. You might not know this but seeing you thrive, working on your own, motivated me every day to push myself harder, because throughout the year I’ve been inspired by your craft as well as your ability to overcome the days that weren’t so good. It would be impossible to think of any day at SCA where talking to you about work or life wasn’t part of it. I know that if there were any days like that, they were the worst ones. I’m grateful that 11 months ago I got really drunk and tried to convince the poshest boy I know that he wasn’t that posh.

It’s been a pleasure, SCA.

Song of the SCAB: Emmit Fenn – Blinded

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