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Social Media.


I hate spamming social media, I feel so silly, #this, #that #likeforafollow #followme; but sometimes I see it as the only way to get your name known. My personal ‘Insta’ feed I think makes me look kinda cool; but meet me in person and you may beg to differ, as I don’t live with a ‘lark’ filter covering my eyes and nor does the contrast between the sky and the ground around me look so dazzling.

Yeah, we all know that Instagram can sometimes be unrealistic. But I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about its incredible use for promoting independent creatives like my self. Since the final, final, final end to entering D&AD new blood, I’ve decided to really focus on promoting myself as a creative and freelance illustrator. You could class this as a ‘passion project’ which has been going on for ages. But it’s much more than that, in fact, I don’t even like the phrase ‘passion project’, as it feels like another assignment you have to do purely because you’ve been told you have to. To me, that’s not natural and defeats the point of passion.

I’ve reworked my website, changed my social media account to business and taken the plunge in creating lots more content. As an illustrator I’ve always struggled with style, wondering whether I need to define a style or stay lucid with lots of different skills. People say don’t box your self in a corner, yet I feel spreading yourself so thin means you never fully define your niche, therefore other people take the jobs you want. So, I’ve decided to define a style. I love reportage and loose figure drawing, so if I could get paid for doing that, that would be amazing. I’ve always drawn where ever I am, it makes you see the world differently and believe it or not it’s very calming in the swarm of a busy city. I use to just sit in Oxford and draw in the covered market which still today is one of my favourite places.

So in other words, this is a note to be prepared for some social media spam, as I’m no way near being established yet and I’ve got a lot to do. I’ve been animating dancing people for a while now and although its time consuming I love doing it. I use choreography from one of my favourite choreographer’s Kyle Hanagami and finally, after lots of tagging, I got a like from Kyle Hanagami himself, proving that a little bit of spamming does pay off.

I saw my friend this weekend from university and I would describe her as someone with so much drive and passion to succeed. She doesn’t sleep at night purely because she is working on her own stuff. She got a 2:2 at university whereas I got a first, but that doesn’t mean a thing. The difference is she is killing it at freelance, and I’m just starting out. I’m sure she won’t mind me writing that as that’s something she is proud of. She’s proud to show that university grades mean nothing and it’s your own projects which give you the drive and motivation to succeed.

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