Philosophical Scab. @dkelly1504

By Dan Kelly

#Inspirational Music

Welcome challenge and see where it takes you. You might end up somewhere new. Go further and unlearn everything. Let go of what you know. We’ve all been busy making progress. Maybe it’s possible to live life believing the best will happen. Desire strikes when you least expect. It arrives uninvited. They say as soon as you get what you want you don’t want it anymore, but that depends on what you get. Everyone should have a dream. We all need something to aim for and if the day ever comes when you realize your dream, drink it in and pick a new one.


Reinvent yourself, make new friends, plan your escape, meet a girl, fall in love. Capture life. We live in modern times. It’s a big world; get out there.

There are talkers and there are doers. Talkers talk. Doers do things that get talked about. Talkers think about the future. Doers are building it now. Talkers can imagine the feeling. Doers know the feeling. Do you listen to your heart? Or your mind? Listen to both your heart and your mind. What really matters? Harmony, design, trust, and inspiration. Once you open your mind to inspiration you’ll see it everywhere. It takes passion to take on a new challenge. To change the game. To challenge the best. Make the world adjust to you. Only true pioneers go further than others. 


An embrace can mean many things: reassurance, comfort, protection, safety. Embrace life. Joy. That’s who we answer to. Joy is youthful. Joy has a fan club and can be counted. It is collectible and shapes the future. Joy is efficient, dynamic and unstoppable. Joy inspires works of art. Do you see art? Or a crime? Design brings us debate and debate brings us together. In this life, you have to make every second count. It’s the little things which make us happy and if you know where to look you’ll find them everywhere. Little moments just waiting to give us a little smile. Interesting thing: curiosity. We can learn from it or we can die from it and sometimes it can take us to places we never imagined we could reach.


What makes me feel alive? I guess its feeling part of the world around me. What makes a good friend? Its all about freedom. Its all about trust. Its all about protection. Its all about happiness. Its all day and all night. Its all about saving. Its all about sharing. Its all about comfort. As children, we heard the word ‘no’ far too often. No sooner did we run off then they held us back again. We did, after all, have a mind of our own. But we left it up to others to think for us. ‘Stop that’ they said, ‘That’s too dangerous. Watch what you’re doing.’ True, we didn’t always listen to them, at least not when we were completely sure of ourselves. Naturally, the word ‘no’ was always meant well. Our parents were just concerned about us. After all, they did have a bit more experience than we had. Then, sooner or later, we decide for ourselves how far we can go.

The new Mitsubishi Nissan by Toyota. It’s a car.

(This is all copy from car adverts)

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