Nonsense Randomness


By Federica Martini


Nonsense Randomness


Fever…yup I think I got fever, cool I’m on my plane to London and I started feeling cold and weak after the take off. The strange thing is that I’m the most healthy person in the world, I never get flu on winter or other things like that.
Who cares, this is another lesson to learn, and it’s not about wearing warmer clothes, but how the most unexpected things can happen in the weirdest moments. Cool…so maybe tomorrow I will meet Thom Yorke in a costa coffee listening to Justin bieber music. That would be weird…or maybe weirdo.

(Note: stop listening to Radiohead while you are trying to write something that is supposed to make sense. I’m not saying that they don’t make sense, actually they do is just…never mind)

We’re about to land and my ears are exploding, a man next to me is writing a book, for what I’ve seen is about a father and a son divided by some sort of evil business plan. I’m wondering that maybe he’s a famous writer and I don’t even know him, the best thing of being a writer, even if you are really famous is that 90% of your readers don’t know how you look like, it’s like being a VIP in people minds only, your voice is inside their heads but they can’t actually see you…wow!

I have to switch my iPad off…landing procedure! 2 weeks later (yup I forgot to finish it)

Frank Sinatra is playing New York New York on the radio, on a very rare sunny day and I have just had a chocolate home made muffin…is there a better way to start the day? I don’t think so!
I don’t actually have much to say about my feelings at the moment, but there is one thing That came in my mind reading Marc’s emails…my “this is me” project is almost done (I have changed the subject something like 3 times) and to be honest the hardest part has been filming myself saying this is me…so awkward! And actually I’m a bit concerned about this, I never ever look like how I want to look like or precisely how I think I am, and wow a partner in crime has to chose me depending on this project. I hate to be chosen it makes me feel judged. What if no one does? I’m like the weak kid in the football team, no one wants him so he goes to kill himself inside the changing room. And then everybody cry saying something like “o my god this kid had so much potential why did he kill himself?” Because you left him apart idiot!

Don’t worry guys I have already booked a therapist.
By the way let’s develop a SCA tinder would be easier, we can work together only if we both swiped right on each other! Brilliant!!

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