Grow down, not up. 

Clarissa Dale






By @ClarissaDale94


At SCA, a frequent theme we talk about is ‘Childlike playfulness’. As out of work creatives, we are encouraged to unpick the learnings from our previous educations, and familiarise ourselves with a new way of thinking, through a vast collection of creative tools and techniques. Primary and secondary education seems to favour one side of the brain, instilling the idea that you are more likely to be successful if you study an academic subject. 
What SCA teaches is the opposite. It celebrates the creative mind, It teaches us to grow down, not up. In the next 10 months i’ll have to become at one with my inner child and artist, which is almost taught out of us as we get older. 
Children are fearless, single minded and ambitious. They ask bold questions and dream big. They aren’t hampered as much when it comes to the reasons for not doing something, they are inspiring and hopeful, they dream of perfection. Something which we are all guilty of, is ignoring our grand plans because we believe we aren’t good enough, or intelligent enough, doubting our own abilities because there is someone out there who can do it better. But what I forget, is in order to make anything a reality, you need to dream about it first, follow your vision and think of the reasons why you should go ahead with something, instead of thinking about the limitations. 


A masterclass on creative techniques explained that a successful idea is a single minded one, and to achieve big things, just like a child, you have to follow a single minded vision, with a relentless persistence and determination. The masterclass taught me that success only comes with plenty of failure, and what seems to hold me, (and I’m sure plenty of other aspiring creatives) back, is the fear of being wrong. But children aren’t embarrassed or frightened about that, they are carefree, leaving them with extraordinary capacities for innovation and invention.   
This year at school, I will overcome my fear of humiliation, because at the end of the day, everybody else is in the same position and I don’t want to end up with diluted and safe ideas, just because I fear what other people might think of them. Now is the time to be fearless.  

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