Fanboy, by @teddysouter

Teddy Souter

By Teddy Souter



I want to write one thing I’ve learnt from SCA, which I don’t feel many people have said in their “advice on how to do well at SCA” scabs in the past.

It sounds bloody lame, so prepare yourself.

My advice is, become a “fanboy”.
My partner and I are massive fanboys.
We’re obsessed with other creatives.
We collect the websites of those teams and individuals we love and subscribe to them like little girls waiting for the next one direction magazine to come out.
Doing this helps you to figure out who you want to be.
What work you want to make, and where you want to make it.
And how possible it is to do, once you realise the people behind your favourite ideas, really are just people.
I wouldn’t however, just become a fanboy of just one creative, as it can show up in your portfolio if all your work has the same flavour.
Look out for great work in America, Asia, Europe, in digital, print, TV, radio and just get a feel for what real simple but effective advertising looks and feels like.
A lot of people say you shouldn’t seek inspiration from ads that already exist.
But for me, looking and analysing great advertising is the best way to learn how to do great advertising.
So go out and find the work that you wish you’d made, and try figure out how they got there.
It’s fun!

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