B.L.T – By @paboukratevans


This is my photographic journey through making myself a nice quick sandwich on a Monday. Hope you enjoy. 


Rinse some Lettuce. Put, 2 napkins underneath so it’s nice and dry like a toddler should always be.


Get some mature cheddar cheese. (I am not sponsored by Coop). 


And of course a tomato. It’s in the name of the sandwich. 


Cut them in slices. 


Put the bacon in the oven. (sorry mom, I’ll be careful on my pork consumption when I get a job). 15mn at 225° Celsius. 


Put the bread in the oven for 7mn. 


Put the cheese on the bread when it’s golden brown. 


Wonder about the ineffability of life. 


Time to build your B.L.T! 


Put the sliced tomato on top of the melted cheese (the whole tomato, don’t be a little b****)


Then the lettuce.


Then the bacon. 


On the top toasted slice of bread put some ketchup (I love ketchup. For those who doesn’t maybe you can replace it by going to hell. Because, ketchup come from god himself so there’s none in hell). 




Now take a Galia melon. Any type of melon will do. I got those because they smelled the nicest at Lidl. (I am sponsored by Lidl). 

/Volumes/DISQUE ESSB/Semestre3SCA/SCAB 13 July_/DSCF6030.jpgRemove the skin by cutting quarters. 


The end. Bon appétit. 

Ps: I like pressing some lemon on my melon because it’s good. Also, it counter balance the acidity of the tomato that hurt my tummy, sometimes. 

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