5 Cool things I got up to during half term

During this time, I wanted to reflect and take a few “self-care days” to do the things I had always desired to do. The time before D&ad is the best time to explore yourself and prep (and perhaps spoil yourself, in a way). I wanted to unleash my inner child and really enjoy life’s finer things. In the end, I will give my verdict as I rate each experience from 1 to 10.

  1. Experimenting with cooking

Being super busy with work, I really had lost touch with cooking and eating healthy. I wanted to experiment with as many healthy and nutritious meals as I could (especially spicy chicken, yum), so I created honey-glazed chicken wings and honey & soy salmon (don’t knock it until you try it). The recipes were all found through Tiktok, as I am a big fan of how short and concise the Tiktok medium tends to be.

VERDICT: 9/10 Not to brag, but I’d honestly say my food was restaurant quality, it also tasted so much better than it looked.

2. (Almost) Doing the splits

My new year’s resolution includes trying to do the front splits. Since then, I have consistently stretched my hip flexors and hamstrings four times a week. Stretching includes placing my leg on a box at hip height and kneeling over, as well as kneeling to stretch my hip flexors. As part of the exercise, I also did a lot of lunges in order to increase my range of motion.

VERDICT: 7/10 I would say I am slowly but surely getting there. I  cannot do a front split completely as of yet, but I am far better than where I was before and making progress.

3. Dopamine Land Exhibition

On a weekday, I wanted to do something new and go to an exhibition solo. In Dopamine Land, you can experience media, technology, and play all in one place. There were several different rooms packed with goodness in the exhibition, such as a drawing room, a pillow fighting room (a random woman accidentally hit me with a pillow, which I found quite funny) and a ball pit.

VERDICT: 6/10  Going alone may have hindered my experience, but I found it to be so overpriced. A few rooms made up the exhibition, which was also relatively small. 

4.Binge watching the new season of “You” on Netflix 

Joe Goldberg is back on our screens! Or should I say Johnathan Moore? Watching this sociopathic murderer on my screen was an absolute delight. This season is set in London, and the plot revolves around a classic “whodunnit” (not Joe this time, surprisingly enough). Some of the scenes seemed unrealistic and corny to me, especially the British references and connotations. I loved every minute of the new season, and I can’t wait for part two and to see Love back on my screen, she’s awesome.

VERDICT: 9/10 the new season did not disappoint. Would recommend it if you love a good psychological thriller.

5. Going to a Thursday event

What better way to spend Valentine’s Day single than to attend a speed dating event on Thursday? My friend and I decided to have a spontaneous night and tick “Thursday event” off our bucket lists. There were three floors (the bottom floor had tons of free lollipops) and a roof terrace with a dance floor. In the entire building, there were probably 600 singles. Meeting different personalities was very interesting, however the guys following us around the venue made me feel a little uncomfortable at times.

Bonus: An Italian man cooking us pasta after the event (crazy night)

VERDICT: 7/10 I unfortunately did not meet my future husband, but the experience had been fun. Would I go there again? Probably not. But I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

I absolutely enjoyed having the week off, and truly needed it. I already feel recharged and ready for D&ad and the remaining journey of SCA. Let’s go!


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